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  • Changing your style at the Friends Korner Forum

    Go at the bottom of your page you will see something like this and change it.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Changing your style. started by Silent Assassin View original post
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    1. sixsuper's Avatar
      sixsuper -
      hi every body i want to full novel Dil E Abad by Rifat Siraaz
    1. Sweet Pakistani's Avatar
      Sweet Pakistani -
    1. *Haya*'s Avatar
      *Haya* -
      thanks but i ve option 4 FK black..????
    1. nasiddiqui's Avatar
      nasiddiqui -
      dear fk team admin and contributors,
      you are doing an excellent job.. A rich forum with lots of variety of fun, knowledge and entertainment.
      Keep up good work and thanks for giving me the membership of fk.

      Naeem siddiqui
    1. saqib053's Avatar
      saqib053 -
      i hav3 clicked on fk mobile, n now i cant convert it back to normal...what should i do
    1. kiranbatool90's Avatar
      kiranbatool90 -
      hey someone upload novel by tanzeela riaz on the issue of nurses i forgot the name of that novel if someon is having that novel plz upload
    1. misshal's Avatar
      misshal -

      ---------- Post added at 08:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:04 PM ----------

      fk mobile and fk blue is option...not Fk BLACK
    1. 9shaba's Avatar
      9shaba -
      gud work
    1. sara shk's Avatar
      sara shk -
      nice..........n thanx.....
    1. rajhamid01's Avatar
      rajhamid01 -
      klkhlbskfshd vksdhlthnsblcshn
    1. sumaira kk's Avatar
      sumaira kk -
      plz giude me how to use this site?

      ---------- Post added at 11:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:35 AM ----------

      i m a new on this site n do hope u all will welcome me...!
    1. ujala bukhari's Avatar
      ujala bukhari -
      salam to all friends, i m a new user nd hope u all guide me.
    1. Unknow's Avatar
      Unknow -
      Sumaira ager app ko koi is k bare main bata de tu plz app mujhe bhi bata daina hasna nahi serious raho beacouse i am serious ok ager phir bhi koi na bataye tu mujhe batana hum khud hi kuch na kuch tu kar hi lainge ge ;) take care

      ---------- Post added at 03:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:00 AM ----------

      Ujala bukhari aa jao app bhi line main lag jao apna naam pata likhwaya aao our maira bhi likh lo ager kuch pata chale tu app mujhe bata daina ager mujhe pata chala tu main app ko bata don gi waise itna tu pata chal hi geya hai yeh paise maang rahe hain extra opptiones k leye
    1. adnanseo -
      Ohh thanks bhai this is good information
    1. dest's Avatar
      dest -
      i m a new user say well come to me

      ---------- Post added at 11:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:02 AM ----------

      Hope for the best but prepare for the worst>>>>>>>>>>...................
    1. dest's Avatar
      dest -
      Attachment 43825>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>............................................
    1. TABI MASOOD -
      Asalmuailkum,Very nice site, Please pakistani dramas kay background songs b upload karhayin agar kisi kay pass hayin

      ---------- Post added at 05:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:55 PM ----------

      yah kon si zuban hy zara tarjama b sath mein lik dayna tha
      Quote Originally Posted by sumaira kk View Post
      plz giude me how to use this site?

      ---------- Post added at 11:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:35 AM ----------

      i m a new on this site n do hope u all will welcome me...!
    1. chandni5624's Avatar
      chandni5624 -
      plz plz plz giude me how to use this site for all frie
    1. innocentgirl201's Avatar
      innocentgirl201 -
      i m new in friendskorner plz guide me
    1. annamzafar's Avatar
      annamzafar -
      jnab kisi k sekhany sy ni ati ye site apni koshish and use krny sy ati hy

      ---------- Post added at 02:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:08 PM ----------

      m ny two or three years ago aik novel ki two or three episods pari thin mujy us novel ka nam yad ni a rha can any one help me????????? us novel main aik anno hoti hy jis k father boht skht hoty hain or us ki shadi kisi bari omer k mard sy krny lgty hain us ki mother ni man ri hotin bt anno man jati hy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz agr kisi ko yad hy to bta dy
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