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Discuss ----Warning message for Sincere Persons! Becareful------ in Current Affair Talks Shows and Debate forum, in Desi Dramas / Media / Pakistani Politics Shows and Entertainment category.
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    ----Warning message for Sincere Persons! Becareful------

    We all agreed that we need to get rid off of corrupt politician and looking towards the PTI

    But see what the naib kuptan is doing what he want to achieve by degrading the Mohsin-i-Pakistan. As we all know who want to degrade and punish this great man, who gave us pride and peace. Jews and Christian can never be the friend of Muslims.

    • Mr. Haroon ur Rasheed wrote a column that Dr. Abdul Qadeer (a person who gave you the ultimate security) want to join the PTI but PTI reject the application.
    • In the reply Dr. Qadeer wrote two column

    Jang Group Online
    Jang Group Online

    • And also read the Naib Kuptan Column’s last line

    Jang Group Online
    Also see Kuptan’s interview and listen his comments specially critics on Mumtaz Qadari in the grief of his friend.
    So don’t be emotional. Do work for Pakistan not for the forces working against the real heroes ( not showbiz or cricket) of Pakistan.

    We all love Dr. Qadeer Khan.

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    Re: ----Warning message for Sincere Persons! Becareful------

    ھارون رشید شرم کے مارے اب ٹی وی پر بھی نہی آرھا۔ سارے کالم کاروں نے اپنے کالم میں ھارون رشید کی ٹھیک ٹھاک کلاس لی ھے۔ سفید داھڑی والے کو ذرا شرم نہی آئی۔ کم از کم داھڑی کا ھی خیال رکھہ لیتا۔

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    Re: ----Warning message for Sincere Persons! Becareful------,all ur contribution to the nation is going to be destroyed as it seems in current situation. you have to come forward once again to save this country,immediate step is that you invite sincere people to submit their applications for the candidate of provincial and national assembly from all over pakistan.after scrunity you can recommend to the public of pakistan to support those recommended candidates in next general elections ,either using specified group or independant candidates.this will be a test and base for sincere people to unite as a force in future. all depends upon your selection and recommendation. is there any body to convey this messege to mohsan-e-pakistan?

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