• yeh sab sindhion ke khelaf sazish hai bhai .. taky sindhi aagy tarki nhi kar saky .......

    gambatpakistan 19 minutes ago

  • ALLAH will help u dont worry Engr. Agha Waqar.
    they did not left even Dr Qadeer but nation still love him and same love for u.

    tnvr111 57 minutes ago

  • Funds ko doosra naam mulk hota hai??
    Come, meet seniour professors of UET they will tell you how many such frauds they see every year who try to gain attention for getting research funds.

    hasnain rehman in reply to Nawaz649 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

  • Shame on you Dr Samar and Dr pervaiz hoodbhoy for giving us the cutting edge nuclear Technology. Shame on Dr Atta-ur-Rehman for your thousand research publications. We are Proud of Aingineer Agha Wa(ter)qar. No matter he Robs the banks, rapes the science or calls himself an engineer without a degree!! we will lick his feet.

    hasnain rehman in reply to tnvr111 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

  • Shame on Dr. HOOD Dr. Attaur Rahman, Dr. samar Mubarek. now u r happy. u were working for ur boss America and now they have arrested Engr. Agha waqar.
    so u will always keep this nation and the world in Dark.

    tnvr111 1 hour ago

  • all Pakistanies if u will try to make any other invention in future then u will be also sent to Jail. So dont try to do any invention in future . it is the right Amaricans only.

    tnvr111 1 hour ago

  • Salam hai apki positive thinking ko

    asadtempestian in reply to Nawaz649 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

  • Bechararay ne mulk ke tariqi ka soch kr apni zindagi tabah kr di
    Allah pak Agha waqar sahaib ko sahi salamat rakhey

    Nawaz649 2 hours ago

  • Now how about Nobel prize?

    kashif99110 10 hours ago