Mr Urdu, life and his work


Prof. Syed Mohammad Raza Madni
Principal, Govt College, Minchana'abad


Prof. Mohammad Abdullah Qazi (PhD Isl. Std.,PhD Linguistics
Islam'abad (Pakistan)

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H/E Mr.Urdu Professor Maqsood Hasni Ph.D., is a big gun in the world of writing. Many scholars and critics have spoken to Mr.Urdu work. Mr.Urdu began his career as an author writing short stories in 1966. At that time, He was a school going boy. A few years later, he appeared in the literary world as a Urdu poet . He has an excellent ability in potic language of Urdu, Punjabi, Saraki Pothohari and English. A lover of poetry may find his100s poems in these languages on different places of in-ternet.
One thing to remember here that Mr.Urdu can not walk for a long time in one place and always feel like eassy and do his work in various truths of human life, human nature, human history, Ghalibyaat, Iqbalyaat, Language, Culture, Phycalogy, curent affairs, medical affairs spirtualism law and regulations. Not only that, it's an aplication A class writer. He could try eassily points for the use in court decions. The people depend on and trust for his court or official writings.

God knows how many quailties best he has. He is a wonderful spokes-man.. Mr. Urdu is basically Muslim, but not rigred still believes in it. He loves the man and respect him without knowing who it is of religion or belief. He respected all religions. According to him, every religion is fundamentally a question of truth, but their religious person does regird tham strange uneassy painful and difficult. He says that God's religion is very simple talented and according to the human nature. Man is, in fact, God's best creation and respectable who deserves love, respect, and each type of aid for cultural events, economic and social. Help should be to provided him for each project at any stage of life.

Mr. Urdu have a deep care of every human being. He often said that men should live as a string. According to his view that the selfesh elements , the Crown and its bad sevents and religious people are not in favor of human unity, because they alaway think from abdomen, but not from brain. Mr. Urdu has willed that man should live together without distinction of color and race, because all are in reality, a man daughters and sons. They have the same needs, desires and other life requirements.

He insisted that every man has received a special gift from God, but sefish elements use their talent. Brain of these talented people are mainly used for the safty of the chair. Crown/Chair has to do nothing, but these people work for them because they want to satisfy their materlistic needs. This talent should be used to improve the humaity. They can be done a lot for human beings.

He said Adam (AS) and his Eve were not the first human on earth and life was not starting from Adam and his Eve. He was a Khalifa of men on the ground before him. This is a great need to find out his ancestors, and researcher should also do research his tribe. Mr. Urdu by logic and with references proved his claim. Mr. Urdu said that Eve was not the only wife of Adam. Lalith (word meaning arbaic lail night, Azmat) The name of the third one is still undescoved. There were 120 sons and daughters of Adam. Five migrated to Hindustan and preach there the religion of their father.
Mr. Urdu thoughts completely different from the Urdu language researchers. He expressed that this language was the spoken language of the subcontinent before Hazrat Hind bin Hazrat Ha'am bin Hazrat Nuh (AS). However, it improved during the period of Hazrat Hind Bin Hazrat Ha'am. This language has had many names and writing multiple scenarios. It currently has three scripts:
1. Nastaleeq (Urdu).
2. Dev Nagri
3. Romain.
In fact, this language instent everyday language, but have different ways of writing. Urdu name became famous after the period of Ustad Mirza Ghalib. Movement of Pakistan have shaped this name. It was decided during the period of Baba Quiad Azam that Pakistan's national language will be Urdu. However, the Muslims of the subcontinent were writing their ideas in the script Nastaleeq. Muslims provided thousands of words in Arabic, Persion, Turkish, .Pushto etc language, but that does not mean that this language is the only language for muslims. A person who writes in Dev Nagri script can understand Urdu in Roman the other hand a person who writes the scripts nastaleeq eassily can understand Hindi Roman. Mr. Urdu said that this language can not be created or improved in two or three centreies but this process takes thounsands years. It is our falt that we can not read other scripts.
Hazrat Hind bin Hazrat Ha'am is the ancestor of all Indians. Hindustan took the form of Hind-suntan (Hind's son or daugher). World Hind is not Sami but purely Ha'ami. This word emigrated to Arab from Hindustan. Mr. Urdu argued that the tomb of Hazrat Hind is still in Availabale at Baras (Sar'hind).
The reader can find many new things in his writings. Here I have chosen 100 articles collected from different websides. I hope people who have good taste in the arts, will appreciate my work. Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Qazi, Prof. Niamat Ali, Prof. Younis Hassan , Prof. Arshad Shahid and many others have followed his work and won good fame. Dr. Wafa Rashdi, Dr. Bai'dil Haidri,
Dr. Syed Moeen-ur-Rehman, Dr. Tabasam Kashmir, Dr. Sabir Afaqi, Dr. Abu Sulman Shajahanpuri, Taj Piyami, Dr. Abdul Qavi Zia, Dr. Abu Saeed Noor-u- Din, Dr. Qasim Dehlvi, Dr. Ghulam Shabir Rana, Dr. Najeeb Jamal, Dr. Mohammad Amin, Dr. Khawaja Hamid Yazdani, Dr. Gohar Noshahi, Dr.Akhtar Shumarand many more great cretics have written extensively on his work. More than 50,000 letters of experts from different fields have conved him apprecication.
I am grateful to Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Qazi, Prof. Younis Hassan and Prof. Ali Niamat who helped me in compleation of this research task.

An Introduction to Prof. Mr. Urdu Maqsood Hasni (PhD)
Maqsood Hasni was born in1951, at Islam Pura Tehsil and Distt. Kasur. His father, Syed Ghulam Hazoor Shah, was a Punjabi Sufi poet. He got his early education from his father. He got his master degrees in Urdu, Political Science, Economics and History from the Punjab University. He passed his M.Phil (Urdu) from Allama Iqbal Open University. He got his Doctorate in linguistics from USA
Along with this bright academic career, he has a very long and vast career as a journalist. Hundreds of his essays have been published in various journals and newspapers.
As a poet, short story writer, humorist, linguistic, critic, researcher, Ghalib expert, Iqbal expert he wrote nineteen books.
He tested his mettle in poetry in different languages and dialects (Urdu, English, Punjabi, Gojri, Pothuhari, etc.)
He has a long, bright career as an educationist comprising twenty three years.
Researchers’ and Critics’ Views of Maqsood Hasni
Maqsood Hasni is counted among those researchers, creative artists and critics who have the trend of breaking traditions with logic and reasoning. His voyage of researches and criticism has been passing through evolution for the last two decades and it involves the changing circumstance and contemporary demands. The angles of his researches and critical thought have been extending. In view of it, not only awareness is gained about the factors and the traditions of research and criticism that has developed in the sub-continent, but help is also obtained in understanding the new models of inter- national researches and criticism along with the modern thought. He has shattered the idols of tradition worshipping and has adopted the trend of evaluating the literary pieces with new references and from different angles which has blessed the literary pieces with respectable status.
The attitudes and facts, with which Maqsood Hasni is linked with respect to his research and critical references, are directly related with social and cultural values. His research and critical approach seem the real reflection of human life, no part or aspect of which is meaningless or absurd. Differences can be made with reference to his research and critical work, but the importance and utility of the bases and aspects, with reference to which he has worked in the field of research and criticism, cannot be denied. He left behind the presumption and commenced his voyage of research keeping in view life and the alive facts. He has falsified the unreal and conceptual aspects, ideas and thoughts. He has presented logical and strong arguments in this regard that cannot be ignored. We cannot keep our eyes off the scenario of modern ideas in which he has evaluated the masterpieces of international writes. In this regard, he has been criticized again and again. But he never compromised on principles and this very fact has blessed his research and critical work with newness and recognition.
As a creative writer, he has tested his mettle in different genre which, along with others, includes short-story writing and poetry especially. His work in these two types needs no introduction. As a poet and short -story writer, he has made the suffering of man the subject of his writing and tried to show the different shades and angles with reference to class distinction. His story-writing and poetry are linked with uncountable directions and aspects of human sense and social and cultural life.
His study as a creative writer makes the reader conscious of such a litterature as carry the surging emotions of love and peace in his heart.
He wants to see the world as beautiful as it can be. Therefore he looks like a voyager of dreamland who laughs at the deficiencies and inequalities of men keeping in mind the romantic concepts. These things seem opposite to each other but the fact is the same. Along with fantasies, he is attached with the miseries of man. As a litterature, his relation never breaks with fantasies and facts.
In short, Maqood Hasni’s English poetry is an addition to English literature about which it is said in Continuum :"It is a literature of myth and legend, kings and kingdoms, chivalry and romance; it is a literature of voyage and discovery, colcnization and empire, war and retribution; it is a literature of tradition and transition, diversity and assimilation, promise and compromise".
What the present critics think about Maqsood Hasni and his creative work can be viewed in the scenario of their opinions. Their views have been collected from the letters, essays, newspapers, journals etc written with regards to his books. I have tried my best to arrange them in apple pie order. In the scenario of these comments, the status of Maqsood Hasni as a critic, creative artist and researcher becomes evident.
(1)Oot Say
The "Oot Say", is the name of his poetic collection. Its study shows that the poet has kept nothing hidden rather expressed each and everything openly and in a clear cut way. He voices each thing not from behind the screen but in an obvious way. He expresses his thoughts with extreme sympathy, pathos and passions. Evidently the poems are short and sentences brief, but intrinsically, the poems and sentences are very lofty and stalwart. They are not lines but red roses, delicate the touch, charming to see, refreshing to smell. But in their effectiveness, they are just like flickering flames, the burns of miserable hearts, and the fire bombs for the world of oppression and suppression.
(Prof Dr Farman Fateh Puri. Karachi, letter write on 5th June 1991)
( 2 ) Lisanyat-e- Ghalib (Ghalib’s Linguistics)
As Mark Aronoff and Janie Rees-Miller opine: "Literature is a special kind of herbal behavior, and hence of interest to linguistics", Maqsood Hasni developed a special interest in Ghalib’s linguistics. The opinions of some renowned scholars are as under:
Even the first glances of your writing "Lisanyat-e- Ghalib" makes us realize that you have a special taste for linguistics and you have a deep insight in Ghalib’s linguistics. Its study helps us estimate your literary taste, far reaching sight and tiresome effort of research work. And it showed the future of literature and research is safe in the hands of and critics and intellectuals like you.
Dr.Abou Suluman Shah Jehan Puri, Letter: 19 July, 1999)
(B).Maqsood Hasni’s book "Lisanyat-e-Ghalib" is very extensive and useful in this regard. This research rises from Ghalib’s text. It can be regarded as Galib’s fortune to have an industrious text expert like Maqsood Hasni.
(Prof. Dr. Syed Moeen-ur-Rehman Letter: 14 Nov, 1998)
(C) In "Lisanyat-e-Ghalib" Maqsood Hasni has studied Ghalib’s linguistics with reference to his poetry. It sis a new aspect of understanding Ghalib that is so colorful with respect to its scenario.
(Adeeb Sohail, Qami Zuban Oct 1999)
(3)"Sheryat-e- Khayyam"
Maqsood Hasni’s work is praiseworthy, first of all, with the respect that he has discussed some new aspects of Umar Khayyam. Secondly, it is not less than an uphill task to keep the stream of criticism continue even when one is living in suburbs of centers. Maqsood Hasni has in "Sharyat-e-Khayyam" translated umar Khayyam’s Rubies (Quadrats) into three lined stanzas.
(Tanveer Abbas Naqvi column Sr-e-Sham Lahore)
(4) German Shaery Kay Fikri Zaviya (Intellectual Angles of German Poetry)
. I had to study the "German Shaery Kay Fikri Zaviya" with deep attention. Your way of argumentation amused me very much. Your style is very charming that one can go through the whole book without any tiredness.
(Dr. Muneer-ud-Din Ahmad, Germany. Letter: 23 June, 1993)
(B) Hasni has written about peace, dignity of man, life and human values by presenting pieces from German poetry. Another remarkable action he has done is that along with German poetry he has presented examples from Urdu and other local languages. In this way, the reader finds it easy to make the comparative study of the poetry in the two countries: Pakistan Germany.
(Dr. Sabir Aafaqi (Review) TAjleeb-e-Noa February 1994)
(5) Urdu Maen Nai Nazm
A).You have comprehensively encompassed the new poems in Urdu. I appreciate your critical approach. I congratulate you on the publication of this thought provoking book.
(Asharperbhat, India letter 9th Nov, 1993)
B) You have worked very diligently. You have a strong grip on the subject and your statement is sustained by arguments. You have highlighted all the positive and negative aspects with respect to this new genre. I think nobody else has discussed the topic so extensively before you. Congratulations!
(Dr. Abou Sayeed Noor-u- Din, Dhaka, Bengla Desh. Letter: 26 Jan, 1993)
(6) Urdu Shaery , Fikiri-o-Lasani Raviyyay
(Intellectual and linguistic attitudes in Urdu poetry)
The "Urdu Shaer, Fikri wa Lasani Raviyyay" is the exhibition of complete grip of the competent writer on the ideological and practical criticism. The evolution of criticism is it distinctive quality. Prof. Hasni has multiplied the importance of this book by bringing into action the moral, psychological, social, aesthetical and formative criticism. It can be asserted without the fear of any refuel that the wealth of Urdu criticism has made progress by the addition of this high leveled writing.
(Prof.Ghulam Shabbir Rana Commentary "Mah-e-Nau"1998)
(7) Asool aur Jaezay (Principles and Criticism)
"Asool aur Jaezay" is the latest writing of Maqsood Hasni. The main characteristic of this book is that he never parts with honesty. Secondly, so much material has been collected in this middle level book that it has become a treasure of information for the new learners. And it provides an honest guidance to the critical minded men.
(Dr. Baidal Haidery Kabeer Wala, Letter: 17 June, 1998.)
(8) Supnay Agley Pehar Kay (Dreams of the Early Time)
Maqsood Hasni is such a young writer as ever showers fire from his pen. He has performed his role by bringing into the boundary of his writing the uncountable problems wide spread in the society. His essays and poems have the same tone and that tone is very live. The originality in his thought can be seen with all its energies. Maqsood Hasni’s effort in writing prose hyko is praise worthy. His hyko will prove the milestone between the prose- poem and hyko. In brief, Maqsood Hasni’s effective voice and his progressive mind shall affects the persons having the poetic taste.
(Dr.Akhtar Shumar, Editor Magazine daily "Aftab" Lahore 6Sep, 1989)
(9) Tehrikat –e-Urdu Adab (Movements in the Urdu Literature)
Tehrikat-e-Urdu Adab written by Maqood Hasni on Urdu literature and the movements in the Urdu literature is a book of permanent reference for the research students.
(Dr.Wafa Rashdi, Quomi Zuban July, 1997)
(10) Baigumi Tajarba (Wife Experience)
"Baigumi Tajarba" written by respectable Maqsood Hasni has come before the world in the form of humor and satire. What is the matrimonial experience? This book is, in fact, the solution to all the problems. I was wonder struck after reading it that a such being exists among as has so much knowledge, experience of world, observation, and study in him.
(Mehar Kachailwy weekly "Aurat" Mirpur Khas Sindh 18 Nov, 1993)
(11) Ghalib aur Us Ka Ehad (Ghalib and His Age)
"Ghalib aur Us Ka Ehad" passed before my eyes. For writing this book, the writer went through more than fifty books. The book gives us an estimation of the hard work made by the writer in composing it. A lot has been written on Ghalib. In this case there was no evident need to write this book. But the deep study of the book falsifies the idea. This research book by Maqsood Hasni contains interest. And it opens new facts of Ghalib’s poetry for a common reader.
(Prof. Dr. Khawaja Hamid Yazdani Lahore. Letter: 21 Apr, 1994)
(12) Sooraj Ko Roak Lo (Stop the Sun)
"Sooraj Ko Roak Lo" Maqsood Hasni’s poetry is the poetry of a peculiar creative minded poet of the present age. The triangle of self, environment and universe is the base of his thought provoking and creative trends. He knows the art of feeling the problems of life. Rare images, metaphors and symbols have blessed his poetry with freshness and vigor. His poetry, no doubt, is a sound voice of the preset age.
(Dr. Gohar Noshahi Muktadra Quomi Zuban Islam Abad. Letter: 18Sept, 1991)
(13) Sheryat –e- Shark -o- Garb (Poetry of East and West)
"Sheryat –e-Shark-o-Garb" Provides with a sense of Maqsood Hasni’s critical and creative evolution. And this thing blesses him with a distinctive position among other researchers and critics of his age. "Sheryat-e- Shark-o-Garb" is a combination of such essays as awaken our insight. The new themes, their novelty and their vastness can be well estimated by the variety of their headings.
(Dr .Wafa Rashidi,Mahnama Nawa-e-Pathan. August,1999)
(14) Takhliqi WA Tankidi Zaviay (Creative and critical Angles)
"Takhliqi wa Tankidi Zaviay" is a combination of eighteen essays written by Maqsood Hasni on the subjects of literary creativity and literary criticism. Hasni has penned down different aspects of literature. I agree to the thought presented by the writer. He presents his thoughts in his own words. He never walks on the path of arts with the borrowed crutches. The names of well known scholars are seldom found in his writings. Without the prop of other scholars’ supporting thoughts, he makes his point clear to the reader with the might of the own words and it is the climax of art. Worthy to be applauded.
(Dr. Wafa Rashidi Karachi. June, 1994)
(15)Sitar-e-Bunti Ankhein (Stars Weaving Eyes)
I also accept that creation is creation and translation is translation .But a translator can translate one thing in hundreds of ways. It is possible if the translator has knowledge, insight, intuition and language and he also roasts idioms in the stale translation may look like a creation. So the work has been performed by Maqood Hasni very well in his book "Sitar-e-Bunti Ankhein" which is a translation of Turk poetry.
(Dr.Baidal Haidery Kabeer Wala. Letter: 19 June, 1998)
(16) Zard Kajal (Yellow ……….)
"Zard Kajal" is a combination of Maqsood Hasni’s short stories. Its study opens a number of social knots. And the reader feels easy when he understands the comparison of some social conditions and concepts of the East and those of the west. The writer has tried to propagate the trend of realism with the indication of the new trend and moves instead of the old concepts.
(Seikh Altaf-ul-Allah, Sanam International Lahore. Feb, 1993)
(17) Munir-ud-Din Kay Afsanay (Short Stories of Munir-ud-Din)
In the book in hand, Maqsood Hasni has presented the critical study of the short stories by Munir. He has neither mental miserliness nor lack of diligence. It is the peculiar characteristic of Hasni’s personality. That why his each new piece of work is welcomed with pure heart and sincere passions. This time this welcome is being made an organized way.
(Prof.Amjad Ali Shaker. 30 Dec, 1993)
(18) Jis Hath Mein Lathi (The Hand that has a Stick/Lathi)
I received three books from you. Jis Hath Mean Lathi, Tehkiq aur Tankidi Zaviay, Galib aur Us ka Ehed. I am thankful for that. All three of these books are very useful, and directly effective. The style of writing has widened your circle of readers.
(Akbar Hamidi, Urdu Department, Islamabad College. Letter: 24 Apr, 1994)
(19) WO Akaili Thi (She was Alone)
Maqsood Hasni is a well known name is the present age short writing. "Wo Akaili Thi" has fifteen short stories. Most of the short stories had already been published in different journals before 1997. At that time, Hasni Sahib’s pen name was Qazi Jarar Hasni.
In the short stories, like every sensitive writer, the sorrow of the present age can be found. He has pasteurized the anxieties wide spread around him. It is no doubt a praiseworthy task.
(Weekly Family Magazine Lahore. 28 Apr to 4 May, 1992)
In the light of the above mentioned arguments and comments, it comes crystal clear that Maqsood Hasni can boast of a high status as a critic, researcher and creator. He shatters the old moulds of measuring the beauty and quantity of some piece of writing and formulates new meters for the measurement of literary writing. He is no where seen impressed by the western thought or approach. He is the originator in his field. He can be regarded as the pioneer of a vast coming era. The circle of his readers and critics will go on widening with the passage of time. In the coming years he will become a bright star in the limitless sky of literature. His repute with not remain confined to Urdu but will spread to all the world languages. He will never die in Urdu Adab. He has devoted all his life to literature and he can be rightly called the martyr of Urdu literature. His work on Galib finds no peer near him. He has become a living example of:
Ranjah Ranjah ker di ne maen aapay Ranjah hoei
And in Galib’s own words:
Aisa kahan say laoun keh tujh sa kahain jisay
By Prof. niamat Ali

People says about Maqsood Hasni
Krishna Dave
New Delhi
Wahyu SuronoKebumen
He is very good leader. He is care person.
Regina Dias
Maqsood The best thing about it is to be a sweet person and very intelligent, that although you met him recently I have great admiration.
Abdull Salam
Port Blair
Janab .Maqsood hasni saheb is a pakistani gentleman of 60 yrs. from kasur who like religion and sprituality, like to spent time with family and like to attend wedings, he also like making fiends, he likes road trip and like to learn different languages, he also likes the sign language, he love reading and love poetry. he likes to walk especiall...
Merz Merzz
Lipa City
I find you very gentleman.... a nice person to be friend with. Thank you for the rest assured that you also have a friend in me. God bless you in all your undertakings !!!
Raisa Castell
Quezon City
well meeting mansood here is good... i knew i have a man with wisdom...So the first time that i saw ur profile i thought of having this man a a can explain urself the way you wanted it to be..a man if integrity as i see... and a loving side too... Keep doin the right thing... and bein true to yourself your stregnth... raisa
Titik Andr...
true friendship is about cares,understanding, sincerity, affection, attention, to whom u are concerned...especially a very truly best friend like u are...^_*..
Good morning and have a great day ahead....
keep smiling and take care....
God bless u ...
Best kisses and a very great hug....

oh my Gosh....what a peronality....its an honour for been with us
....always stay with us...
be happy,-life-and-his-work-t25502.html

Shagufta subhani

Aap se bahtar banda nahi sure...

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69. Qiyamat abhi tak tali hoe hai
70. kiya yah sab layaeni hai?!
kiya yah sab layaeni hai?!
71.Pushto ki char makhsous awazain
72. Punjabi par arbi ke lisani asraat
73. Languages need new letters for better expressions
74.Languages get effect from local and foreign languages
75. Why it learn Hindavi* under any other language?!
76. Sound shein is very common in the world languages
77.Her gher fitri amal insaniat ka dushmun hai
78. Sikhism Mazhab Ya Eak Sufi Sisala
79.Talwar kay zour par kabhi kuch howa hai?!
80. Kiya onhain chop rehna chahiay?!… via @
81. Hum aur hamara tehqiqi rovaeya
82.Aaqa Karim ki aamad
83. Insan aazad paida howa hai
84. Allah insan ki ghulami pasand nahain karta
85. Wasael aur oon ka mojoda andaz-e-tasaruf
86. Jabr Zindagi Insan aur Asri taqazay
87. Musalman Koon Hain?!
88. Janab G Singh-ji say eak Mokalma
89. Dehshat gardi ka khatma kayon'kar ho?!(1,2)
Ka Gardi Email, Phone, Location, Photos, and More
90. Jo larae ka sabab banta ho wo mazhab hi nahain
91. Eak karwa sach
92. Shrik eak mohlak aur khatar'nak bimari
93. Lut janay kay baad hosh aaya to kiya aaya?!
94. Eak Jinsi Khilona
95. Hum'jinsi Insaniat ki Kholi Dushman
96. Aaj orat ko orat hi bacha sakti hai
97. Tajarbah aur-os ki ehmiat
98. logoun kay khalaaf oon kay apnoon ki eak khoof'naak sazesh
99. Languages are by the man and for the man
100. Poet cannot keep himself aloof from the universe
101. The Idiomatic Association of Urdu and English
The Idiomatic Association of Urdu and English | Antimoon Forum
102. The strong thought makes odinary to a special one
The strong thought makes odinary to a special one
103. Awami namainday, masael aur burokaraisi
japan news
104. Kya mula ka aein moat'tal ya chailanj ho chuka hai?!,p,1275252.html#1275252#ixzz1tM2UDDvG
105. Angraizi aur os ki hadoud
Angraizi aur os ki hadoud
106. Bar-e-sagher main badaisioun ki aamad aur os kay zobanoun par asraat
Qoumoun ki taraqi oon ki apni zoban main hi momkin hai
108. Urdu hai jis ka naam
109. Awam shah ke daramoun ki zad main rahay hain,p,1276155.html#1276155
110. Urdu main manzoum Sirat'nigari
japan news
!!!. Billi ke gale main ghainti koun bhandhay
japan news
112. Japani ka lisani nazam (1)
japan news

Books written by Mr Urdu
A- 1- Poetry 3 Books
1- Oot say
Sapnay aglay pehar kay
Suraj ko rook lo
2- Short Stories 3 Books
Zard kajil
Woh akaili thi
Jis hath main lathi
3- Tanz-o-maza 1 Book
Baigmi tajarbah
4- Translation 2 Books
Turk shaeri
5- Literary Research 11 Books
Urdu main nae nazam
German shaeri kay fikri zaviay
Ghalib aur os ka ehad
Takhliqi-o-tanqidi zaviay
Munir ki afsana nigari- ek jaezah
Tehreqaat-e-urdu adab
Shairyaat-e-Ghalib (lisani motalah)
Urdu shair- fiqri-o-lisani zaviay
Asool aur jaezay

A short list of published papers
1- Imagism aur Urdu Shaeri
Monthly Mah-e-Neo Lahore Oct. 1990
2- Wordsworth aur Urdu ki nae Shaeri
Monthly Mah-e-Noe Lahore Jan. 1993
3- Doctor Munir ka eak motaharak kirdar
Monthly Mah-e-Noe Lahore Dec. 1993
4- Dafatar aur samaji rovaeay
Monthly Akhbar-e-Urdu Islamabad Agust. 1991
5 Tahqeqi Moqala main hawasi ki ehmeat
Monthly Akhbar-e-Urdu Islamabad Dec. 1991
6- Angrayzi Qomi zoban ki rah ka pathar
Monthly Akhbar-e-Urdu Islamabad Nov. 1992
7- Achay tehqeqi moqala kay khasaes
Monthly Akhbar-e-Urdu Islamabad Oct. 1992
8- Sindhi Nasri shaeri ka motaliaa
Monthly Noerang-eKheyal Rawalpindi
V.69, Shamara No.790/1993
9-Shoukat Allahabadi ki Nateaa shaeri
Monthly Alensan Karachi Dec. 1995
10- "Ya Abdul Baha"---- Tashrehi motaliaa
Monthly Nafaat Lahore June-July 1996
11- "Boof-e-Koor"-----eak Tajzeaa
Monthly Tafakhar Lahore March 1991
12- "Kasrat-e-Nazara" (Dr. Sabar Aafaqi ka safar-Nama)
Hazara Times Abattabad Oct. 1997
13- Depti Nazir Ahamad kay Raenda-e-Dargha kirdar
Monthly Aalamat Lahore June 1993
14- Zobanoon ki mushtarek morakab aavazain
Monthly Qomi Zoban Karachi Shamara No.78 May 20006
15- Alfaz ki tarkeeb aur oon ki tafheem ka masla
Monthly Sukhawar Karachi July 2000
16- Mehar kachilvi kay afsanay-----Tanqedi motaleaa
Quarterly Loh-e-Adab Hyderabad April to Sept. 2004
17-Amman aur Shaeri
Quarterly Serat-e-Adab Rawalpindi April to June 1993
18- Urdu ki mukhtasar kahani
Ahal-e-Qalam Multan, Maktaba Ahal-e-Qalam Multan 1996
19- "Asloob"----Tanqedi
Quarterly Sahifa LahoreJuly,Sept. 1992
20- Debestan-e-Lakhnao ka Seyasi-o-Saqafti pas-e-Manzar
Quarterly Sahifa Lahore July, Sept. 1994
21- Dabestan-e-Deli ki taskeel kay moharkaat
Quarterly Sahifa Lahore April, June 1995
22- Doctor Manir kay afsanay aur maghrabi taraz-e-hayaat
Monthly Adab-e-Latif Lahore Jan. 1994
23- Doctor Mohammad Amin ki Hyku nagari
Monthly Adab-e-Latif Lahore Oct. 1996
24- Paband aur aazad nazam kay fiqri aur fanni zaveay
Monthly Sareer Karachi March 1991
25- Ghazal main haet kay tajarboon ki zaroorat
Monthly Sareer Karachi Jan. 1992
26- Nazir Ahamd kay kirdaroon ka tarekhi shaoor
Monthly Sareer Karachi May 1992
27- Maghrab main shear kay nazreyati zaveay
Monthly Sareer Karachi Saalnama Sareer 1993
28- Zarad Sitara Eak motaleaa
Monthly Sareer Karachi Saal’nama 1993
29- Shaeri ka nazreaa-e-Mohabat
Monthly Tajdeed-e-Neo Lahore April 1994
30- Urdu shaeri ki rovaet aur naee nazam
Monthly Tajdeed-eNoe Lahore April 1996
31- Pitras kay qehqahoon ki sargozasht
Monthly Tajdeed-e-Noe Lahore April 1993
32- Nazreaa-e-Pakistan aur Islami adab ki tashkeel
Weakly Farogh Hyderabad
(Four aqsaat) 10 Sept. to 18 Oct. 1993
33- Adbi Tehqeeq main hawala sazi ki qabahat
Weakly Mazdoor Lahore 10 Agst.1991
34- Shaer aur samaji reshtay
Weakly Mazdoor Lahore 24 Nov. 1990
35- Kareshan Chandar ki kirdar nigari
Monthly Tehrerain Lahore
June, July 1992
36- Hafeez Sadeqi kay das nateaa ashaar
Monthly Tehrerain LahoreJuly 1994
37- Robaeyaat-e-Khayaam
Monthly Tehrerain Lahore Dec. 1995
38- "Dastan-e-Wafa"----Maloomaat ka khazena
Monthl Urdu Adab Islamabad Nov. Dec. 1997
39- Meray bazuragh meray hum assar—Eak jaeza
Monthly Urdu Adab Islamabad April June 1996
40- Shahi ki shaeri, tehqeqi-o-tanqedi motaleaa
"Aladab" Islamia College Kasur Magazine 1997-1998
41- Doctor Gohar Noshahi kay tehqeqi-o-tanqedi nazreay
"Alada" Islamia College Kasur Magazine 1997-1998
42- Urdu aur os kay ezhari daeray
"Aladab" Islamia College Kasur 2006-2007
43 Raess Amrohi ki qata nigari
Monthly Nawa-e-Phatan LahoreJune 2002
44- Qebla Syed Sahib kay Urdu navaz jumlay
Monthly Nawa-e-Phatan Lahore July 2004
45- Urdu main zati mostamal aawazain
Monthly Nawa-e-Phatan Lahore Agst. 2006
46- Doctor Wafa Rashdi, Shakhaseet aur adbi khedmaat
Monthly Nawa-e-Phatan Lahore April 1999
47- Matoon ki darjah bandi aur oon kay miyaraat
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore Jan. 2002
48- Tehqeeq main bunyadi aur sanvi makhzaat ki haseat
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore Nov. 2000
49- Abid Ansari---Ehsas ka shaer
Monthly Rashaat Lahore July 2004
50- Zobanoon main avazain giranay aur bharhanay ka nazaam
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore July 2006
51- Professor Mael ki ghazal ki fikar aur zoban
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore Agst. 2006
52- Urdu ghazal ka eak khush fikar shaer
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore July 2005
53-Masnavi Bo-Ali Qalandar: Ehad-e-Salateen ki zinda tasveer
54-Paygham-e-Ashna Islamabad shamara No.2 June 2000
55-Kuch desi zobanoon main aawazoon ka tabadal
Paygham-e-Ashna Islamabad shamara No.26 July to Sept. 2006
56- Urdu aur Angrizi ka mahavarati eshtaraak
Quarterly Ensha Hyderabad July to Sept. 2006
57- Doctor Moein---Eak hama jihat shakhaseat
"Nazar-e-Moein" Edit by Mohammad Saeed 2003
58- Sakhyaat, pas-e-sakhatyaat aur rad-e-sakhatyaat eak asasi motaleaa
Quarterly Noewadar Lahore, shamara No.11 Sept. to March 2005
59-Ghalib jaded sherri adab ki khesht-e-Avalein
Daily Amroz, Lahore Adbi Edition 28 June 1990
69- Dewan-e-Ghalib kay matin ka masla
Daily Mashraq Lahore 22April 1993
61- Shir-e-Ghalib main bhari aawazoon ka estal
Quarterly Sahifa Lahore Shama No.158 Jan., March 1999
62- Ghalib eak azeem Maher-e-Mahakaat
Quarterly Sahifa Lahore Shama No178 Jan., March 2004
63- Shir-e-Ghalib main alfaz-e-Tameez kay sefati mafaheem
Quarterly Loh-e-Adab Hyderabad Jan to March 1999
64- Shir-e-Ghalib aur baez lafzoon ka chalan
Quarterly Loh-e-Adab Hyderabad April to June 2000
65- Ghalib aur Urdu mahavraat kay Urdu tarajam
Quarterly Pehchan Hyderabad Jan. to June 2003
66- Ghalib aur desi zobanoon kay masadar aur masdari lahqay
Quarterly Pehchan Hyderabad March 2004
67- Ghalib ki mahavrati bidatain
Quarterly Noewadar Lahore Oct, Jan. 2003
68- Ghalib ka seysi shaoor
Monthly Sareer Karachi April 1992
69- Dewan-e-Ghalib main badesi nama lafzoon ka estamal
Monthly Adab-e-Latif Lahore Oct. 1999
70- Ghalib kay haan mohavray ki tabdeliaan
Monthly Sukhanwar Karachi Dec.2002
71- Ghalib ki Farsi main Urdu shaeri
Monthly Sukhanwar Karachi Agst.2002
72- Ustad Ghalib kay chand sabqay aur lahqay
Monthly Sukhanwar Karachi Sept.2004
73- Ghalib kay "al" say tarqeeb panay walay alfaz ka tafhemi motaleaa "Tehleel" 2003-2004 Magazine Govt. ID junjuaa College Bara’ay khatein
Lala Mosa
74- Shear-e-Ghalib main Farsi marakab sefaat say esma aur faili halatain bananay ka rujhan Monthly Rashhaat Lahore June 2001
75- Ashar-e-Ghalib main aavazoon kay estamal ka nazaam Monthly Rashhaat Lahore
Agust. 2001
76- Shear-e-Ghalib kay aawamal kay mafaheem
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore Sept. 2001
77-Ghalib kay sheri asloob per moqami zobanoon kay asraat
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore Eeb.2002
78- Neshanyaat-e-Ghalib ka sakhtyati jaeza
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore March 2004
79- Mahavra-e-Ghalib assar-e-mojood ki dharkanoon main
Monthly Rashhaat Lahore Agst. 2004
80- Sher-e-Ghalib main takrar-e-lafzi
Nawa-e-Pathan Lahore Dec. 1998
Zinda-e-javed Ghalib
Nawa-e-Pathan Lahore April 2001
81- Neshanyaat-e-Ghalib ka sakhtyati motalaa
Nawa-e-Pathan Lahore April 2003
82- Lafazyaat-e-Ghalib desi aur badesi Zobanoon main
Nawa-e-Pathan Lahore Feb.2004
83- Ghalib bagh main
Nawa-e-Pathan Lahore May 2005
84- Dil hai eshqi Taj ka "Pair bharay phuloon ka taj"
Taj Qaemkhani Adbi chopal Mirpur Khas (Sindh) June 2006
85- Koe zoban kisi eak halat par nahai rehti
Quarterly Insha, Hydeaabad jan. to march 2007
86-Jadeed sindhi shaeri aur farsi ka reshta
Quarterly Lauh-e-Adab Hyderabad April to Decmber 2007
87-Ghalib kay marakbaat aur oon ki adbi haisiat
Quarterly "Pehchan" Mirpur khas, Sind, March to June 2008
88-Farsi kay asraaPar Zobanoon Ki Pakisan
QuarterlyPaygham_e_Ashna, Islamabad Shamara No.34

Books on Internet
1. The language problem Complied by: Prof. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi
(PhD Isl. Std., Linguistics) Principal Govt College Bahawal'nagar, Pakistan
Phonologies of various languages
The impacts of Aarabic on the languages of the subcontinent
Cencer is not a mysterious disease
The linguistic system and sounds of Japanese
Insan jabr aur asri taqazay Complied by: Prof. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi (PhD Isl. Std., Linguistics) Principal Govt College Bahawal'nagar, Pakistan
Palkoon par shaam (Urdu poetry)
Poon nay sapnay (Punjabi poetry)
Accrose the wall (English poetry)
Structural Study of Ghalib’s Traces
Lets learn Urdu Complied by: Prof. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi (PhD Isl. Std., Linguistics) Principal Govt College Bahawal'nagar, Pakistan
Prof. Maqsood Hasni ke panch khasusi maqale Complied by: Prof. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi (PhD Isl. Std., Linguistics) Principal Govt College Bahawal'nagar, Pakistan
Tehqiqaat-e-Prof. Maqsood Hasni Complied By: Prof. Arshad Shahid, Head Of Punjabi Department Govt. Isl College, Kasur Pakistn
Similarities Between Men And Animals
1- One Thirteen the Great
2- Lilith Adam’s 1st wife (part-1)
3- Lilith Adam’s 1st wife (part-2)
4- VAdam was not 1st man (part-1)
5- Adam was not 1st man (part-2)
6- The goddesses
7- Picture galleries 14
8- 21 goddeses
9- The Holy Sprit
10- The first woman on earth
11- Adam, man and the world
12. Adam’s bridge
13 Similarities Between Men And Animals 390+ documents

Books complied by:
Prof. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi (PhD)
Principle, Govt. College Bahawal'nagar (Pakistan)
1. Jabar-e-Zindagi aur Tahkeek Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
2. Sooraj Ko Rook Lo Tahkeek Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
3.Let us learn Urdu Tahkeek Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
4.The Language Problems Tahkeek Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof.. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
5.14 Ehad’saz Tehrirain by: Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni Hassni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
6. Paanch Khasosi Moqalay Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
7 Pakistan ke hasas issues
Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi 8 Shagufay
8.14 mazamein
Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
Prof. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
10. Masael jamhoriat aur molki Aein ki haisiat
QProf. Mr. Maqsood Hasni
Tarteeb-o-Tadveen Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Qazi
Published Work on Maqsood Hasni by different quaters:

- Prof. Younis Hasni’s Publications on Maqsood Hasni:
1- Shairyaat-e-Sharq-o-Gharab, Ta’arfi aur tanqidi motah
Sehmahi loh-e-Adab, Hyderabad, Sind Oct. To March 2004
2- Shairyaat-e-Khayam, Eak ta’arfi motalah
Paigha-e-Aashna, Islamabad Oct ta Dec. 2004
3- Urdu shair, Fikri-o-Lisani Rovaeay
Sehmahi Pehchan Mirpur Khas Sind, March 2005
4- Munir-ud-Din ahmad Kay Afsanay, Tanqidi jaezah, Eak
tehqi moqa
Adab-e-Latif, Lahore, Nov. 2005
5-Jerman Shairi kay Fikri zaviay, Eak motalah
Sehmahi Safeer-e-Urdu Nutan, July Ta sep. 2004
6- Baigmi Tajarbah, eak tanqidi Motalah
Sehmahi Insh, Hyderabad, Sind, Jan. ta Sep. 2005
7- Lisanyaat-e-Ghalib, Tanqidi motalah
Mahnama Rash’haat, Lahore, Jan. ta Feb. 2004
8- Maqsood Hasni Mahaqqeen aur naqedeen ki nazar main
Mahnama Rash’haat, Lahore, June 2004
9- Fikar-e-Iqbal kay chand zaviay
Mahnama Rash’haat, Lahore, sept. ta Oct. 2004
10- Asool aur Jaezay, Tanqidi motalah
Mahnama Sukanwar, Karachi, August 2004
11- Urdu main nae nazan, tarifi-o-tanqidi motalah
Mahnamah Qomi Zoban, Karachi, Dec. 2004
12- Tarveej-o-Nifaz-e-Urdu kay silsalay main Kasur ki khidmaat
Mahnamah Qomi Zoban, Karachi, Oct. 2005
13- Ghalib Shanasi kay chand zaviay
Mahnamah Qomi Zoban, Karachi, Feb. 2005
14- Sitaray bunti Aankhain, Eak lisani motalah
Mahnamah Nawa-e-Pathan, Lahore Sept.2005
15- Maqsood Hasni ki talimi fikr kay chand zaviay
Mahnamah Nawa-e-Pathan, Lahore, March 2006
16- Maqsood Hasni ba’toor hyku’nagar
Mahnamah Nawa-e-Pathan, Lahore, March 2004
17- Maqsood Hasni ba’toor Ghalib Shanas
Mahnamah Nawa-e-Pathan, Lahore, May, June 2004
18- Maqsood Hasni ki Moashi fikr kay chand na’ay zaviay, eak
tehqi motalah
Mahnamah Nawa-e-Pathan, Lahore March, april
19- Maqsood Hasni Kay Afsanoon ka fani-o-fikri motalah
Mahnamah Nawa-e-Pathan, Lahore, Ja. Feb. 2005

Prof. Niamat Ali’s Publication on maqsood Hasni
a. a- Introduction Maqsood Hasni
c. b-Critical talk on English two poems
d. c-Critical talk on "But the new generation"
e. d-Critical talk on "Choice still in hand"
f. e-Critical talk on "I resubmit"
g. f-Critical talk on "Cups and Lips"
h. g-Critical talk on "If doubt appears"
i. h-Critical talk on "Birthday"
j. i-Critical talk on "Eyes are for looking"
k. j-Critical talk on "No. not at all’
l. k--Critical talk on "While that for all’
m. l-Critical talk on "How and why"
n. m-Critical talk on "The new era"
o. o-Critical talk on "He will be there"
p. p-Critical talk on "Heart is not under the ribs"
q. q-Critical talk on "Should be necessary"
r. r-Critical talk on "But two more"
s. s-Critical talk on "Saw a land"
t. t-Critical talk on "Suicide"
u. u-Critical talk on "The white did his job"
v. v-Critical talk on "how could they stay more"
w. w-Critical talk on "No more"
x. 4-Critical talk on "No hurry to die’
y. Critical talk on "Crown ever remains"
z. Critical talk on "Don’t be worried"
Critical talk on "Across that wall"
aa. Critical talk on "Not for silver or gold"
bb. Critical talk on "While you know"

Prof. Arshad Shahid’s Publications on Maqsood Hasni:
Prof. Maqsood Hasni di shakhsiat
Prof. Maqsood Hasni ki Punjabi aur Panjabi’nama shaeri (1)
Prof. Maqsood Hasni ki Punjabi aur Panjabi’nama shaeri (2)
Prof. Maqsood Hasni ki Punjabi shaeri kay imtiyazaat

Prof. Ata-ur-Rehman (PhD)
Maqsood Hasni ki haiku nigari

Work or comments on Mr. Urdu
Dr. Aagha Sohail (Lahore), Aasha Parbhaat (Sitamahri), Aal-e-Emran (Gujar Khan), Dr. Abu Sulman Shahjahanpuri (Karachi), Dr. Abu Saeed Noor-ul_Din (Dhaka), Dr. Annam-ul-Haq Kosar (Qoeta), Dr. Akhtar Ali (Lahore), Dr. Asad Gilani (Lahore), Prof. Anwar Jamal (Multan), Arif Eftakhar (Islamabad), Dr. Anwar Sadeed (Lahore), Dr. Akhtar Shamar (Lahore), Adeeb Sohaiol (Karachi), Ashraf Pal (Gujranwala), Prof. Athar Nasak (Lahore), M.A Ali (Fasialabad), Azam Yaad (Daera Din Panah), Ahmad Nadeen Qasemi (Lahore), Ahmad Riaz Naseem (Hyderabad), Abu Moali Asri (Mainwali) Akram Kamal (Lahore), Syed Akhtar Hussain (Karachi), Prof. Ikram Hoshyarouri (Kasur), Anis Shah Gilani (Sadiqabad), Prof. Amjid Ali Shakar (Lahore), Altaf Ullah (Lahore), Eyaz Qesar (Lahore), Arshad Iqbal Arsh (Itli), Dr. Aslam Saqib (Malair kotla), Tanveer Abbas Naqvi(Lahore),Iqbal Sahar Ambalvi (Lahore), Abu Sa’aadat Jalili (Karachi), Abu moaali Asri(Mianwali)Prof. Akbar Hamidi, Prof. Alrton Hamidi (USA), Dr. Bidal Haiderri (Kabirwala), Prof. Taj Piyami (Barat), Dr. Tabassam Kashmiri (Japan), Taj Qa’emkhani (Mirpur khas), Sana-ul-Haq Haqqi (Karachi), Dr. Jameel Jalbi (Karachi), Jamshad Masroor (Norway), Dr. Hasrat Kasgunjvi (Hyderabad), Hassan Askari Kazmi (Lahore), Hussain Sahar (Multan), Prof. Hafeez Sadiqi (Lahore), Khursheed Afsar Biswani (Bharat), Dr. Khaja Hameed Yazdani (Lahore), Dr. Zulfqar Ali Rana (Lahore), Prof. Rab Nawaz Mael (Qoeta), Dr. Riaz Anjam (Kasur), Dr. Syed Moen-ur-Rehman (Lahore), Syed Ali Akbar Gilani (Islambad), Saleem Rased (Laore), Dr. Saleem Akhtar (Lahore), Carlan, Shahid Mahmood Kahloon (Lahore), Shahid Gori, Shakar Fazli, Shahid Hinae, Shaheen Fase Rabani (Karachi), Dr. Sadiq Junjuaa (Lahore), Tafail Aban-e-Gul (Lahore), Prof. Zahoor Ahmad(Lahore), Aaqeel Mehdi, Aasam Qazi, Aasam But, Abbas Nasar (jhang), Aataf Mirza (Qoeta), Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman (Kasur), Prof. Atteq Zaman (Hyderabad), Ali Depak Qazalbash (Qoeta), Dr. Abdul Qavi Zaia (Caneda), Col. Dr. Ghulam Fareed Bati (Bahawalnagar), Prof. Zulqar Danesh (Hyderabad), Prof. Ghulam Hussain Sajid (Lahore), Ghulam Mustafa Tabasam (Tundo Aadamjam), Abdul Qayoom (Karachi), Zegham Rizvi (Lahore), Dr. Ghulam Shabir Rana (Jhang), Ghazanfar Nadeem (Lahore), Dr. Safdar Hussain Baraq(Okara), Pro. Safdar Ali Dr. Farman Fataypuri (Karachi), Faheem Kazmi, Prof. Faiz Rasool Fezan (Gujranwala), Dr. Qasim Dehalvi (Dehli), Qesar Tamqeen (UK), Kokab Mazhar Khan (Sialkot), Prof. Kaleem Zia (Bombay), Dr. Gohar Noshahi (Islamabad), Prof. Masroor Ahmadzae (Hyderabad), Masood Ejaz Bokhari (Azad Kashmir), Dr. Mozafar Abbas (Lahore), Dr. Mobarik ali (Lahore), Dr. Mohammad Amin (Multan), Dr. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi (Bahawalnagar), Dr. Munir-ud-Ahamad (Germany), Mirza Shabir Baig Sajid (lahore), Munir Anja, Mohsan Sial, Musfiq Khaja (karachi), David M. Kolenich, Ph.D, Lisa Jones, Registrar, Dr Gordon Campbell, Alice Herndon, Naty,Mercado, Greta Persson, Julie S. Lewin, James Fitzberg,David Smith, Prof. Dr. Shaher Momani Martin Hall, Mahmood Ahmad Moodi, Mehar Kachelvi (Mirpur Khas), Dr. Noria balik (Turky), Nayar Zaidi, Dr. Najeeb Jamal (Bahawalpur), Dr Nisar Qureshi (Islamabad) Prof. Niamat Ali (Kasur) Nasar tarabi, Dr. Sabir aafaqi (Azad Kashmir)Nadeem Shoeeb (Multan), Dr. Wafa Rashadi (Karachi), Dr. Waqar Ahmad Rizvi (Karachi), Molana Wasi Mazhar Nadvi (Hyderabad), Waleat Hussain Hidarri (Lahore), Dr. Wazir Aagha (Sargodha), Yusaf Aalamgir (Lahore), Prof. Yunis Hassan (Kasur), Prof. Mohammad Rafique Sagar (Kasur) and many more

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You won Forum Pakistan Award
Dear Dr. maqsood hasni,

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You were nominated for November 2008 Award Show at Forum Pakistan and are the winner for the Award Mr. Urdu/Forum Doctor.

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Nasrulla Sabar ( Urdu toPunjabi), Mehar kachelvi ( Urdu to Sindhi)
Ali Depak Qazalbash(Urdu to Pushto)
Baldav Mirza (Urdu to English)
Ravi Kopra (Urdu to English)
Dr. Aslam Saqib (Urdu to Gurmukhi)
Prof. Amjad Ali Shakar (Urdu to Punjabi)

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More then two lacs and fourty six thousand

Bible course
The vice of Prophecy School, Lahore
Bible course
The Church of Priest, Lahore
M.A. Urdu
Punjab University
M.A. Political Science
Punjab University
M.A. History
Punjab University
M.A. Economics
Punjab University
M.Phil (Urdu)
Allamah Iqbal Open University
"Baba Majboor Life and his Poetry"
Doctor of Arts (Linguistics)
Life Learning/life Experience
Ashwood University
"Phonology of various languages"
PhD (Linguistics)
Ansted University
"The linguistics system and sounds of Japanese"
Post PhD (Linguistics)
Brunswick University
"Structural Study of Ghalib’s Traces"