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Discuss Benefits Of Chiku in Health and Beauty Korner forum, in Fashion Korner category.
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    Benefits Of Chiku


    There are three types of chikus :-
    1) Oval shaped chikus 2) Medium oval shaped chiku 3) Round chiku
    The first type is considered to be the best of all the three.
    Chiku is cool, sweet, and heavy to digest and relishing. It eliminates the excessive bile in the body.

    1. Only ripe chiku fruit is used.
    2. The use of ripe chiku in our diet gives agility and freshness. It activates the performances of intestines. Its use after the meal is very beneficial.
    3. Eating chiku in the morning which has been soaked in butter for the whole night, cures impurities due to the bile and is also beneficial in fever.
    4. Eating chiku with sugar strengthens the semen in inflammation during urination.
    5. A semi liquid of chiku's skin (boiled) is given to children in their loose motion. It is also beneficial in fever.

    Chiku is diuretic and contains sugar hence it should not be used by a diabetic patient. Beetel leaf should not be chewed instantly after eating jackfruit, as it may turn out to be fatal.

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    Re: Benefits Of Chiku

    Thanx 4 sharing....................

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    Re: Benefits Of Chiku

    Informative post...thanx...

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