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Discuss Benefits Of Fig (Anjeer) in Health and Beauty Korner forum, in Fashion Korner category.
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    Benefits Of Fig (Anjeer)

    Fig (Anjeer)

    Figs found in India are not found in India are not as tasty and large as found in Arabia. Dry figs are available in the market throughout the year. Although they're many types of figs but green figs are reatively more nutrious than the other figs.
    Large fig is cool, tasty and sweet. It is beneficial in diseases like excessive bile, blood impurities and flatulence. Small fig causes the formation of bile. Fig is also beneficial in inflammation and dry cough. Its limited use in the night clears the stomach.


    1. Boil some figs in the milk. Eat them and drink the milk. It will give strength and develop blood.
    2. Boil a fig and 5 to 10 almonds in the milk. If this milk is taken with some sugar, it purifies the blood and stomach. It also gives strength and pacifies the heat in the body.
    3. Daily use of some figs cure chronic constipation.
    4. Applying the dry figs boiled in water on the throat, cures the swellings of the throat.
    5. Figs increase the appetite.

    1. It is heavy so it should be used according to one's digestive capability.
    2. It is beneficial in diabetes.
    3. If a child has swallowed a piece of glass accidentally, giving him figs to eat would help in its ejection from the body through bowels.

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    Re: Benefits Of Fig (Anjeer)

    Thanx 4 sharing............

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    Re: Benefits Of Fig (Anjeer)

    Informative post...thanx...

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