Amazing surgery which saved eight-limbed 'Octo-boy' from a life-time of misery

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:43 AM on 7th December 2010

Little Deepak Kumar Paswaan can finally laugh and play like any other eight-year old, thanks to the surgery that removed his parasitic twin.

Now viewers can share his remarkable journey.

Paswaan, nicknamed 'Octo-boy,' was born with the partially-developed legs and arms of an undeveloped sibling growing out of his chest.

Enlarge Deepak Kumar Paswaan, then 7, with his mother Indu Devi, 28, at home before the life-changing surgery that removed his parasite twin from his chest

Enlarge Before his surgery, he was sometimes stoned by onlookers who believed he was an eight-limbed reincarnation of the devil

Deepak suffered years of stigma with some people seeing him as a god and other people fearing him as a reincarnation of the devil.
A new television special that airs on Wednesday tells his story and shows the grueling four-hour operation.
The procedure to separate Deepak from his conjoined twin, at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, India took place in June of this year and was a success.

Enlarge A four-hour surgery at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore was filmed for a new documentary that airs on Wednesday

GROGGY BUT OKAY: The youngster, with bandages over a chest that once housed his twin, made an excellent recovery after the operation

The youngster and his family publicly appealed for the thousands of pounds needed for the operation beforehand in February.
'When he was born the doctors said he wouldn't live long but here he is and apart from how he looks he is very healthy,' his father said at the time.
'I am tired of being different. I just want to live normally,' his son said.
An eight-limbed girl, Lakshmi Tatma, made headlines when she underwent a similar separation surgery from a parasitic twin in 2007.

Paswan and his father were nothing but smiles at a press conference following the surgery