Another one from Mr.B.K.Madan:

both pandit nehru and maulana azad , the prime minister and education minister of free india had a soft corner for josh malihabadi. to provide him with a job an urdu monthly 'ajkal' was started by the publication division, govt. of india and josh was appointed as its editor with sagar nizami and balwant singh as asstt. editors. it was a sine cure post for him. he would go to office at his liesure where his friends would gather in his room, have tea and gup shup.

josh had been the only person in the annals of govt. of india who used to draw pay from three different sources as stated by kunwar mohinder singh bedi in his autobioghraphy, 'yadoN ka jashan'. these three sources were provided to him by maulana azad when josh would go to him to increase his salary as he was always under debt and the sources were: editorship of 'aajkal'; visiting professor of urdu in the central universities of aligarh muslim univ. and (aasifia )univ. hyderabad.

josh was a reluctant migrant to pakistan. this he has clearly stated in his 'mera marsia' . marsia is said after a muslim's death but he wrote it himself in his life time. a couplet in it says 'zan-o-farzand ki vabastgi ne watan si shai ko mujh se chhoraya'. he also began to write himself as 'josh marhoom'.

'alwidah eh malihabad ke raNgeeN gulestan' is worth a read