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    Noman Habib

    Noman is a very young and yet immensely talented actor of Pakistani drama industry .Noman made his name in very limited time nd proved hardwork nd talent must paid off . He started career with modeling and his 1st serial was Mere Paas Paas (sequel) after that there was no looking back . He has worked with all the biggest name of the Industry and you mostly see him in leading productions

    *Date of birth/ Place of Birth
    23 aug/ Karachi
    *What made you interested in Acting
    I loved watching TV shows with live people in different situations. I was always interested in acting. even my family n friends play a major role in my carrier life because they push me so much to do something in this field I started going to acting classes and then got an agent.n masallaah I got success at every foot step of mine.
    *Your favourite co actor & actress
    Hmm well. there r so many people I believe truly gems in Pakistani media industry n for me the legendary bushra ansari moin aktar qavi khan r the true stars n I am a big fan of them n nowadays hina dilapazir n faisal quershi r my favourites
    *Your Favourite Drama
    Dramas which portrait core reality of the society n touches the heart always become my fav. Like in recent drama’s I saw khuda or mohabbat,mera naseeb n some other good stuff..n in classic I love aangan tera,Yeh zindage hai, Kis din mera viya hoe ga, uncle urfi n so many)
    *On Sundays you
    Usually I spend time wid my family.and for an actor I guess there is no Sunday or weekend we have 24/7 kinda job so whenever I am free I tried my level best to be wid my family or friends
    *Song that you Love
    Well depends on my mood.some time I enjoyed party hard rock songs n some times I like to listen some soft music)
    *Your Favourite place for vacations
    Sri lanka Malaysia..
    Are you brand consciousur favourite label
    I have to say with most things I am *not* brand conscious. I’m always looking for the best deal on products. ..n my fav labels r levis Gucci & Narangee by Naeem Bukhari
    *Your favourite Food
    Biryani,anything which comes out wid good smel n flavour I would love to eat..mostly m crazy about soups
    *Your all time favourite movie
    My all time fav movie is dil wale dulhaniya le jaye gay..perfect movie i must day n so many in my list like avatar, transmormer, Dil wala dulhanya la jaen ga
    Your upcoming Projects
    TV1 Eid play, Aoo moj karain Film
    *closing statement
    “An actor must involved n feel the character as its own story which he or she is performing on original,keen observer, make ur own identity never copy others n always do ur best..i want to end up wid this motivational quote..“When you reach the top, keep climbing”

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    Re: Noman Habib

    Thanks for sharing.....

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