Asalam o Alikum

The purpose of this Section is
All about education. You can exchange study material, Experiences and assist each other in study.
Some rules about section...

1. Try not to make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people.
2. Respect other you are not allowed post other phone number, personal Pictures or others Address on site.
3. This forum does not allow any kind of advertising here.
4. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content.
5. Make sure the topic you will post is not repeated
6. No abuse of fellow members, flaming or offensive language is permitted
7. No bad language or cursing (Abusing).
8. A Mod's word is law, don't bother arguing here
9. No more then Two 2 thread per day by every member.
10. Dont bump old threads.
11. You can post anything related to Study.
12. Posting contains against section rules will be removed without any prior notice.
13. If you have some problem individually contact Moderators or Administrator through PM.
And last , if you need any help urgently then PM to MOD or type URGENT at thread title. But still we need 3-5 business days to work at your request,or otherwise you will be notified.

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