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  1. As you Spend the Holy Month
    Fasting & praying for Allah's Grace
    May the All Mighty Bless you with Peace, Happiness, Good health and Prosperity

    remember me in ur prayers
    Happy Ramdan Mubarak
  2. Walaikum-Assalam-Warahmat-ULLAH,

    How are you ? I hope you receive this message in the best of health and happiness.

    I need to re-confirm it. I think it means "ALLAH ka pyara" (in urdu)

    Oceans full of love, Regards,
    M. Istehbab
  3. Aslamo Aleakum
    As i get ur name Muhammad Istehbab
    if i am correct canu tell me what is the meaning of istehbab
    BTW my name Muhammad Omair
  4. Walaikum-Assalam-Warahmat-ULLAH,

    INSHALLAH, I will.

    Oceans full of love, Regards,
    M. Istehbab
  5. Aslamo Aleakum
    keep up the good work
    May Allah bless u
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