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    Discussion Where is orya maqbool jan??????

    Aslamo aleakum bros

    Can any body tell me where is orya maqbool jan
    i cant see his column on express for about two weeks
    is he ok or he move to any other newspaper

    Thx in advance
  2. Video Re: Prime Minister Pakistan got the Verdict - Convicted

    another darama being played by pakistan goverment and judges
    he should be give the sentence to death and just few hours\
    what a shame
    May Allah help us All
  3. Debate Re: A Must Read Article on MQM Women Jalsa in Karachi?

    this show the true mentality of our ppl they are drowned in stupidness and this will lead to the utter destruction of our nation No doubt the end times are near every body prepare for the worse which...
  4. Debate Re: WHEN A NON-MEHRAM says to WOMEN " I LOVE YOU " FATAWH PLZ................

    icate the current fitly condition of pakistan nation
    look like the worse of worse is about to come and the destruction is near
    May Allah save us all and show us the right path
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    Debate Re: this is the ocean

    yep an ocean full of toxic waste
  6. Column Our Food chain is on edge of destruction (must read column)

    Aslamo Aleakum Brothers & Sister
    please read the column to the end, this is very important the world elites are destroying our food chain and making all human beings there slaves
    May Allah save us...
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    Column The Quran And Iron

    Religion and science

    Hina Iqbal

    Religion and science have in general been two most ardent enemies of each other for centuries. What religion believes in is rejected by science and what...
  8. Column Re: Sana Bucha, No harm being a RENTED WRITER but spreading blunt lies

    after what i just read in the 2nd paragraph about Jinnah decision
    every thing is becoming suspicious
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    Debate Re: For columbus and bros who are against PTI

    this is democracy divide the divided ppl into more groups, create hatred
    and then create the government of worst ppl and move the agenda of NWO
  10. News Re: Saudi Govt again playin in the hands of USA

    Saudi is not playing in hand of USA he is doing it on purpose
    remember it the same country who give way to isreal to attack Iraq Nuclear plant
  11. Column Re: Explanation of the current world.......Dajaal System

    then go on bro appoint ur good leader if u have that much capability
    InshAllah the next one will be worst than the zardari as this is also predicted in Hadiths but u didnt accept hadiths other than...
  12. Column Re: Explanation of the current world.......Dajaal System

    This is not his problem Actually he is also predicted by Our Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alayhi Wasallam)
    here is the summary of what he (Sallal Laahu Alayhi Wasallam) said

    the time will come when...
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    Video Re: Standing for national anthem is shirk

    BTW the it is a good point why we stand up for the national Anthem, but calling it a shirk is not not fair
    Actually calling every other thing a shirk is becoming habit now a days by some group of...
  14. Column Re: Explanation of the current world.......Dajaal System

    thanks all for reading this
    May Allah All mighty help us and save us all in the coming difficult time
  15. News Re: My heart breaks - while India Progresses - Pakistan Regresses. Please Console me!

    but western or more precisely satanist ideology impressed ppl will not understand this
  16. Column Explanation of the current world.......Dajaal System

    Aslamo Aleakum
    Read all three episodes of this column
    very well explain by the Orya Maqbool Jan
    شاید کے اتر جاۓ تیرے دل میں میری بات
  17. Video Re: Bol movie another nail in the coffin of radicals?

    lol for some ppls who really believe that by making movies u can really destroy ur enemy
    so what the hell USA is doing in Afganistan only make movies and taliban would have been defeated
  18. News Re: Baluchistan Again ! where the hell is government?

    ok then plz tell what should we do
    go out and start protest against who, the same ppl to whom we vote send them in parliment
    and in next election we gonna do the same
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    News Re: Mumtaz Qadri gets death sentence

    yes justice on weak and poor only
    who is powerful they can kill and loot what ever they want and in the end when they died they become shaheed
    this the only sign for the destrction of any nation...
  20. News Re: Saudi Woman Faces 10 Lashes for Defying Driving Ban [REPORT]

    BTW when saudi become sunni
    as far as i know they are najdi and salafi
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    News Re: Suspicious movement of US Helicopters

    wow very much right
    isnt this means all this what going right know between usa and pakistan is also a darama
    may Allah save us all
  22. Debate Re: What are you Reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    try to read the Book
    The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Noami klein a very good book on economic shock doctrine being applied by CIA throughout the world
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    News Re: شدت پسندی کے خلاف ریلی

    BTW i could understand one think what this rally has to do with solving problem
    we instead of solving the problem do the easy work go out and make some rally
    instead of making some research and...
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    News Re: Pakistan Flood Control System

    yeah yeah yeah listening to his (Zardari) word
    he is the biggest liar of all time
    so No dam gonna built forget it
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    News Re: Fitwa for Jihad....

    yeah when USA attack Afghanistan with our help at that time there was no jihad
    now when our back is in trouble because of our stupid attitude now jihad is Farad?????

    BTW dont worry ppl have stop...
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