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  1. Girls Arrested for stealing car in lahore

    roflmao owend Mr Ali Naqvi OWEND

    LAHORE: The police have arrested two girls who hitched a ride with a boy and then robbed him off his vehicle. The arrests were made in Faisal Town police precinct on Monday and the police also seized the stolen car.

    The police got on the case when Ali Naqvi, a car owner, lodged a complaint with the Faisal Town police against two unidentified girls namely Neha and Sania ...
  2. Tata buys Jaguar in 1.15bn

    Tata buys Jaguar in 1.15bn deal
    Jaguar, Land Rover logos
    Ford put Jaguar and Land Rover up for sale last June
    Car giant Ford has sold its luxury UK-based car brands Jaguar and Land Rover to Indian company Tata.

    Tata, India's biggest vehicle maker, is paying $2.3bn (1.15bn) for the British brands after months of negotiations over the price.

    The negotiations started last June when Ford announced its intention to sell the companies as a package.

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