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N86 8mp

You might recall a certain Nokia N85 phone released back in September that packed some serious features (among them an AMOLED display) into one slick little dual-slider. Well, take that phone, throw in an 8 megapixel camera, kick-stand, and some metal siding and glass and you’ve got…the Nokia N86 8MP.

The funny thing about the N86 8MP is that it doesn’t exactly improve on a lot of the N85’s functionality. This is mostly because the N85 was fairly ridiculous to start with – with a price of 450 euros ($658 USD at the time), you could expect some serious hardware for the price you paid. So it’s good to know that Nokia is retailing the N86 at 375 euros ($471 USD), instead of a higher price point.

The biggest change has come in the form of an 8 megapixel camera upgrade, as well as a wide-angle lens and variable aperture. There’s also a dual-LED flash and 30 fps VGA video recording. Carl Zeiss of course.

Nokia’s also taken the kick-stand from the N96 (what I would call a failure of a phone) and plopped it on the N86’s back. Opening up either the kick-stand or the dual slide will launch “your favorite application or game” automatically.

Connectivity is what you’d expect on a recent Nokia handset: Bluetooth 2.0 + A2DP, WLAN, and 3G (900/1900/2100 and 850/1900/2100 configurations). For music aficionados, there’s the standard 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, dedicated music keys and 8 gigabytes of internal memory.

The display hasn’t changed a bit. It’s still a 2.6″ AMOLED, which looked spectacular on the N85.

You might also expect some sort of GPS, and you’re right: the N86 8MP will feature an onboard GPS and assisted-GPS support.

And now for some battery life. The N86 uses a BL-5K (1200 mAh), which equates to 6.3 hours of talk time on GSM. Compare this to the N85’s 6.9 hours.

Expect the Nokia N86 8MP some time in the second quarter of 2009.

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