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  1. Hamza Yusuf - Poverty & Prosperity

  2. Hit me with the truth

    Hit me with the truth,never entertain me with a lie.
    Life is lie ,death is truth, transition is scary to hit the truth.This transition will be longer then the lie we have lived for years.

    In Search Of Excellence - iTech
  3. Dedication without commitment

    When you dedicate your life for something, you want something in return,but I don't want anything in return except my dedication to my work to perform it honestly,I don't care about success or failure at the end.I hate to meet deadline to have my work done,I can't be forced to do something I don't want, I would rather like to embrace failure in this case.

    In Search Of Excellence - iTech
  4. Why He Convert in Islam -Amazing Story

  5. Purpose of life - Tariq Ramadan

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