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  1. An Honest Person (Yes, In Today's Pakistan)

    I have been forced to return to writing after reading the news of an exemplary police man from Mengora, Sawat who has displayed astonishing example of honesty by returning a colossal amount of Rs 5.5 million. Such an honesty in this day and age and especially in Pakistan where our corrupt politicians have broken record after record of most debasing corruption playing around with the money that was not theirs.

    Today in Pakistan there is a huge and blinding race of ...
  2. Chand Ashaar

    I found these 'ashaar' in the signature of D.A.M.A.G.E.D and liked them so here they are for all those who haven't seen them.

    جوق در جوق تمناوُں کے دھوکے کھا کر
    دل اگر اب بھی دھڑکتا ہے تو پھر پاگل ہے


    کوئی مجھ سے میرے دن رات لے لے

    میں اپنی ذات کھونا چاہتا ہوں


    آ ئینہ دیکھ کے دل درد سے بھر آ تا ہے

    کوں ہے یہ کہ جو اتنے برے حا لات میں ہے


    Tags: poetry, urdu
  3. A Child Unfazed by a Hungry Lioness

    I was, like everybody, amazed when I watched this video. I first viewed it on BBC and then on Youtube.

    It is amazing how this child remains unfazed by the hungry beast. Instead of being afraid he seems to be playing with and enjoying the 'attention' from her. The boy is not too young to see the danger still he just stays in his place and at one point he ...
  4. Shazia Aapa

    Ah.......! I am still unable to digest the fact that she is not in this world now. This makes me think how she would be feeling. Or is there no feeling after death? Which I think is not right since I take the position that the religion does. I know that my worldly mind cannot capture the essence of life up there still I just cannot stop myself thinking again and again. How people 'live' after they have died, after they have left for a completely different system of galaxies. Where there is ...
    Tags: aapa, allah, death, life, shazia
  5. Waves (Lehren)

    Waves or ‘lehren’ as they are called in Urdu stand high in imaginative poetry and are like a friend or foe to us.

    The rise and fall of waves takes us up and down with them emotionally and create such a divine surge of thoughts that one goes running in fondness chasing these wave-thoughts and building on them. We flow with the waves thus created and are ecstatic in the delight or sorrow they bring. Thoughts in their very nature are just like waves; they come around,
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