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  1. faries's Avatar
    kamal sharing.................
  2. khalidcivil's Avatar
    A classic piece of poetry!!
  3. Minahal Fatima's Avatar
    pariiiiiiiiii its too guddd
  4. *Umeed*'s Avatar
    bohat achi sharing hai....................
  5. diljaanpreet's Avatar
    hi friends how r u
  6. hugoboss's Avatar
    Hey Pari! how r u, i hope u wud b fine, where r u since days, dear no posting, is everything alright there wid u. i hope soo.
  7. hugoboss's Avatar
    Pari, thankx for ur comments on my post, really dear, they r on the top of my post, very deep mentality.
  8. hugoboss's Avatar
    I thnk, u've selected this for the pne who is very special for u, other wise u won't select this high level poetry.
  9. hugoboss's Avatar
    Pari u r rite, this shud urs, and [i insist] every's ones FAV LYRICS, who can get into the depth of this LYRICS.
  10. hugoboss's Avatar
    Jo Dua itni pakeezgee, Dil Sey, Or sachai sey mangee jeay tou usay bhala Khuda kyn RAD keary gaa.
    Bhut Khub.......
  11. hugoboss's Avatar
    Meray Din ka Bhut he acha aghaz hua hia, yeh refreshing post parh ker.
  12. hugoboss's Avatar
    Immortal Wordings.

    Hey Pari! it's ok, i didn't mind u at all, for motivating me to give some time to my friends and family, as yesterday was friday and i had a holiday, so i did a lots of pending work. like wise.....
    I spent half a day wid my family, then i went out to one of my all time fav place and spent some happy moments wid my friends, Then i came home and posted some blogs, just for u from my personnel diary, and thankx to u pari, cuz after a very long time i re-opened my diary, and as it was opened, my life written in it, just went like a Film Roll, into my memories...... and then i remained silenced in my room for several hours. And feeling angry on me, that how cud i forget those happy moments which i've ever enjoyed. But Pari, i must say thankx to u, just bcuz of u, i opened it, posted some personnel blogs from it, dedicated to u. Any ways. Hope u've read them all, So i close my msg, here, and will contact u again. untill next take good care and have fun.
  13. Sohni Pari's Avatar
    Haroon Mohabbat ghulami tou nahi .....aur jin k dilon main mohabat k mousam tehar jatay hain woh tou bohat lucky hotay hain.......baqool-e-shiar

    Mohabat rooh main utra hau mousam hai ey jaan-e-jaan
    Taluq khatam honay say mohabat kam nahi hoti
  14. hugoboss's Avatar
    Pari ajj friday hai isi lieay ajj mujhey office sey Off hai, tou main ney soch k kyn na main app ko apni diary main say kcuh bhejon, Umeed kerta hum app ko zarur pasand aey gaa.

    Gungunatay Hue Anchal Ki Hawa Deh Mujh Ko
    Ungliyaan phair Ke BAloon Main Sunlla Deh Mujh Ko

    Jis Tarah Faltu Guldaan Paray Rehtay Hain
    Apne Ghar Ke Kisi Konay Se Lagga Deh Mujh Ko

    Yaad Kar Ke Mujhe Takleef He Hoti Hogii
    Aik Kissa Hoon Purana Sa Bhulla Deh Mujh Ko

    Doobtay Doobtay Awaaz Teri Sunn Jaoon
    Akhiri Baar Tu Sahil Se Sadah Deh Mujh Ko

    Main Tere Hijr Main Chup Chaap Na Marr Jaoon Kahin
    Main Hoon Saktay Main Kabhii Aa Ke Rulla Deh Mujh Ko

    Dekh Main Hogaya Badnaam Kitaboon Ki Tarah
    Merii Tasheer Na Kar Ab Tu Jalla Deh Mujh Ko

    Rhootna Tera Meri Jaan Liye Jata Hai
    Aesay Naraaz Na Ho Hans Ke Dekha Deh Mujh Ko.
  15. hugoboss's Avatar
    Or Shaiyd yehi wajah hai, k mahobat key mosam aaj bhe un hee key dilon main zinda hain, jo sirf mahobat key Ghulam hain..........!!!
  16. hugoboss's Avatar
    Pari i remember this ghazal or poem is sung by a pakistani Female Ghazal Singer and if i'm not wrong then her name is Munni Baigum. But the words are spectacular. and very deep.
  17. hugoboss's Avatar
    Wah Wah, bhut umda kalam hai.
  18. hugoboss's Avatar
    Hey Pari! well i as looking for conversation on the right of u post, and found nothin,
    So i am positng my comment on the same old way, and have one word for u.
  19. hugoboss's Avatar
    Pari, ab mujhe yeh batao k, iss post ko parhney k baad main kya kahon, haan iss ka jawab zarur doon ga, bas dua yeh kerna k ghar ja ker mujhey yaad rahey k apni Personnal Diary kholnee hai.
  20. hugoboss's Avatar
    How romantic feelings.....!
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