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  1. Shoaib Akhtar Traveling to India

    According to GEO News Shoaib Akhrar is goin to India to play IPL.
    Shaoaib Akhtar & Naseem Ashraf met at home of Mr Rehman Malik Advisor to PM for Interior Affairs.
    Mr Rehman Malik said that all conflicts between both are past now & he did becoz Mr Zardari asked him to clear this.
    what a u turn of both

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  2. Menu Lagia Ishq.....

  3. Setting A Trap For Pakistan

    This column is extracted from a situation report released by BRASSTACKS, a security and defense analysis think tank based in Islamabad. Mr. Zaid Hamid is its Founding Consultant.

    This is how the United States set up a diplomatic trap for Iraq in 1990 that resulted in a chain of events ending with the occupation of Iraq in 2003.
    A similar trap is being set for Pakistan, under different circumstances of course.
    U.S. officials at the highest levels are warning ...

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  4. PaGaL KhANa

    Salam Loko
    Yeh Hai Pagal Khana
    HI FI Logoun ka
    Is ko lead karein ge Shab e Firaq & Bheegi Sham

    Updated 02-15-2009 at 03:49 AM by NoToRi0uS

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  5. Mere Bas Mein Ho To....

    Merey bass main ho to kabhi kahin

    Koi sheher aisa basaoon main

    Jahan fakhtaon ki phurpharahat sey naghma-e-raaz-e-hayat main

    Jhunjhunati saanson ki jhanjharain jo chanak uthain

    To dhanak k rangon main bheeg jain havaas tak

    Jahaan chaand maand na ho kabhi, jahan chaandni ki rida buney

    Mairi baanjh dharti k baasiyon ka libaas tak

    Jahan sirf hukm-e-yakeen chaley! jahan be-nishaan ho qayaas tak

    Updated 02-15-2009 at 03:50 AM by NoToRi0uS

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