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  1. How to Make a Peel Off Face Mask

    With the ever increasing pollution levels, it is important that we take care of our skin. Face masks come in handy for the same. There are different types of face masks which one can use on the skin. The different masks are scrubs, peel off face masks and the wash off face masks. In this write up, we will concentrate on peel off face masks. As a general rule,
    Tags: beauty, face mask
  2. How to Do Warm Up Exercises

    How many times have the trainers advised you to do a proper warm up? While there are some who just tend to skip the warm up and start with the workout... Warm up is an important part of a workout session, which one should never skip. Basically, if you just jump into your aerobics class because you are running late and start doing aerobics without doing a warm up; chances are you ...
    Tags: exercise, health
  3. خیال

  4. زہر جداءی

  5. Dollars in crisis Osama is the way to save it why ? Plz read through

    this is my theory who knows......... A warning a couple of days ago is released that if Osama is killed or caught there will be a nuclear explosion in Europe. Now if you wanted to destroy the currency that the people who don't trade in US$ use, (especially to buy oil~=) eg the Euro, ....... where would you detonate a bomb to do the maximum damage to the Euro if you wanted it stopped................ my guess, somewhere in europe which would destroy the Euro and its recovery, blame Islamic ...
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