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  1. -=[]=Blackwater/XE in Pakistan=[]=- Defense Analyst Report (Full Version)

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    Must Read

    Karachi - Ashoora Jaloos
    Mein Takhreeb Kaari Ki Wajoohat

    written by auspi

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  2. -=[]=The Real Muslims=[]=-


    Watch the Real Muslims


    Tags: real muslims
  3. Tamam FK k Behen Bhaio k liay Khubsurat sa Tahufa~Inside Pictures of Khanna Kabbah

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    Tamam Doston K liay aik khubsurat sa tahufah

    Aik musliman hone k naatay tamam muslimanon ki dili aarzo hoti hai keh Allah Tallah unko apne Gher (Khana Kabbah) ki ziarat kerai aur Hajj ki saadat naseeb fermai...

    Mere FK k kai behen bhaion ne Mashallah se yeh saadat hasil ki hogi aur baqi ko Inshallah zaroor Allah K Ghar (Khanna Kabbah) ki Ziarat Naseeb Ho Gi (Ameen)

    Khanna Kabbah ki pictures videos to her musliman ne
  4. ~Mushaira 2010~ Almi Urdu Marakaz -Jeddah

    It was a challenging project for our team but with the enormous support of the Pakistan Consulate and that of Pakistan International School, all arrangements are in place and we hope to make the mushairah a resounding success, insha Allah. We expect it to be even more memorable than the last years’ mushairahs !
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  5. Boots disease alert

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    "Boots disease is now very common to see a doctor almost all women ...
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