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Conversation Between *BlessinG* and R. M. Dixit

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  1. Hi Child,
    Why you are sticky at 51958
    for the lasat one year? Any problem?
    Buckup and complete 52 thousands
    prior to 6th Sept ur BD. Happy last
    week of Ramdaan.

  2. Hi BlessinG,
    Salaam Ailekum and Good Morning
    Kaisi Hai aap aur kaisi gujer rahi hai
    KSA main. Bhai mai bata raha tha
    ki aapke 51958 Posts hogaye hain.
    aap inko 52 Hazaar kerdo, kaafi
    dinon se hum Thread banane ka
    intezaar kere rahe hai. so Plese Buck up.
    all the best. Khush Rahiye.
  3. Hi Blessing,
    Sorry to disturb you. Your Birth
    day falls on 3/9 or on 5/9 not
    clearly visible in ur Profile. Please
    let me kno.You also need 72 for
    scoring 52 hazaar. Buck up.
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