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I am Malala

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Uploaded by Hit Man - 10-30-2013
Author Author Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb
File Size File Size 2.95 MB
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Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0297870912

ISBN-13: 978-0297870913

I downloaded this book minutes after midnight on its first day, and 14 hrs later I have finished it cover to cover. I have been married to a Pakistani for 14 yrs, and have repeatedly asked my husband, "Why do the Pakistanis put up with this"...or that as situations have arisen over the yrs. The best answers I have gotten are the same mentioned in this book. Corruption & fear. It is so wonderful to see a father & his daughter take a stand for their right for something as simple as going to school that so many of us take for granted every day.
Although I have never been to any of the 'villages' I have visited Pakistan once & was a bit surprised by the conditions in one of the larger cities. The Swat valley does sound beautiful thanks to the wonderful mental pictures I got from the very vivid text. It really is ashame that this area is no longer available for tourist, be they Pakistani or international. I also accompanied an in-law to a doctor's while in Pakistan, and as a retired RN, I am really amazed that Malala survived this ordeal. I have little doubt that it definitely was not her time to die no matter what the Taliban tried. God....Allah....must have other plans and no man will change that.

I am Malala




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