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Boots disease alert

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Expert advice: shoe blade too small, too tight and the boots boots Yao is the cause of the disease with high fashion women's health should not be sacrificed for the U.S.
Nowadays, a variety of [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""]nike dunks high[/URL] [/FONT]fashionable boots, Ms. greatly favored. However, if the purchase and wearing boots properly, will give health implications.
"Boots disease is now very common to see a doctor almost all women in their twenties and thirties fashion." Mukden, China Medical University Hospital, Huan Wang, director of spine trauma orthopedics, said in an interview. Various types of material boots, dress shoe blade and consumers to use their own way to rise to a "boots" disease of the important factors. Some girls wear long boots Gao Tong, the [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""][COLOR=#800080]air jordan fusion[/COLOR][/URL] [/FONT]calf under 1 / 3 will be mild swelling and lateral calf pain, and even felt the pain at the dorsal foot, resulting in "superficial peroneal nerve compression syndrome." In addition, long-wearing boots, could also lead to inflammation around the Achilles, tenosynovitis, fat pad inflammation, and athlete's foot and other diseases, these diseases collectively referred to as "boots disease."
In general, lead to "boots" disease of the major factors can be broadly classified into three categories: shoe blade too small, too tight boots and boots with high Yao.
Size does not match a hard look inside plug
Some women in order to make their feet look more exquisite, buy boots, often small on [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""]jordan 2010[/URL] [/FONT] the 1st, his legs barely into the go. Partial thick winter socks, and then wear tight boots, feet very aggrieved.
Long-term so that squeezing the foot may cause foot poor circulation, easy blistering after a long walk, the Health and cocoon the child. Some women because the shoe blade is too small too narrow, simply a direct barefoot wearing boots, boots combined with excellent material, then most likely wear the skin of the leg and ankle, severe swelling and will wear the ankle bone, but also may lead to cross-infection, serious harm to foot health.
Beauty-conscious women will want to buy a pair of boots sizes suited to their feet, pay attention to aesthetics at the same time should also be comfortable as a precondition.
In order to slim boots Yao closed tight
Many women [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""][COLOR=#800080]jordan shoes[/COLOR][/URL] [/FONT]consumers want to seem relatively slim, but choose to tighten the good effects Gaotong boots, barely wrapped the legs of boots in the Jin Zhai Yao, the feet and legs, blood circulation would be impact, but also affect the peripheral venous blood return, resulting in leg pain, swelling, caused around the Achilles tendon inflammation, tenosynovitis, bursitis and [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""][COLOR=#800080]cheap jordan shoes[/COLOR][/URL] [/FONT]other diseases.
"The more closely the more warm boots" is a misunderstanding, tight boots will make the negative cycle of peripheral nerves, so that increasingly lower extremities feel cold. In addition, Gao Tong boots, poor ventilation, excessive sweat after exercise, walking can not be cleared in time for the anaerobic bacteria, fungi and create the conditions for growth and reproduction, so long-wearing boots are also easily lead to athlete's foot.
Boots with the excessive destruction of load balance
High heel shoes appropriate to wear in the feet, body weight borne by the [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""][COLOR=#800080]wholesale nike shox[/COLOR][/URL] [/FONT]whole foot, while the human body wearing high-heeled shoes high heel, the body will not help forward, body weight and focus on the soles of the feet and toes on the pre - That would make the natural posture of human movement and the destruction of bio-mechanical balance, leading to toe bones, legs, waist and other parts of the muscles, ligaments, overloading, so walking and standing a long time, the lower extremities susceptible to fatigue, pain, long after the easy chronic metatarsal pain, leg pain, back pain and other symptoms, if the heel too small, too narrow toes, it could easily trigger a [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""][COLOR=#800080]air jordan force[/COLOR][/URL] [/FONT]sprained ankle, toes turned outward and so on.
When purchasing boots, boots with should not be too small too small to support their own weight and stable manner; Xuejian segment should be slightly loose some, to the [FONT=Times New Roman][URL=""] nike sb dunk low[/URL] [/FONT]toes and the soles of the feet with more space.


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