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Giley fuzool they (A ghazal of Ahmad Faraaz with English translation)

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Giley fuzool they ehde-wafaa ke hote huay
So chup rahaa sitam-e-naarvaa ke hote huay

Yeh kurbatoan mein ajab faasle padey ki mujhe
Hai aashnaa ki talab, aashnaa ke hote huay

Woh heelagar hain, jo majburiyaan shumaar karein
Chiraagh humne jalaaye havaa ke hote huay

kar kisi pe bharosa ke kashtiyaan doobien
Khuda ke hote huay, nakhudaa ke hote huay

Kisey khabar hai ki kaasa-ba-dast phirte hain
Bahut se loag saroan par humaa ke hote huay

‘Faraaz’ aise bhi lamhe kabhi kabhi aaye
Ki dil giriftaa rahaa, dilrubaa ke hote huay


Your complaints were trivial. I loved you
I kept my silence despite treated bad by you

In this closeness I felt far away from you
I searched for a friend when I was with you

Telling he's helpless, he makes pretenses
I even lit the lamps in winds being with you

Trust no one. Even the ships go down
Whether or not the God is with you

Many people walk with goblets in their hands
Even when there's a bird of good omen near you

Faraaz was now and then visited by such moments when
Your heart longs for love even though your love is with you.



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