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Sohni Pari World

Tumhari Yaad Ka Bayhad Khayal Rakhtay Hain

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  1. hugoboss's Avatar
    Immortal Wordings.

    Hey Pari! it's ok, i didn't mind u at all, for motivating me to give some time to my friends and family, as yesterday was friday and i had a holiday, so i did a lots of pending work. like wise.....
    I spent half a day wid my family, then i went out to one of my all time fav place and spent some happy moments wid my friends, Then i came home and posted some blogs, just for u from my personnel diary, and thankx to u pari, cuz after a very long time i re-opened my diary, and as it was opened, my life written in it, just went like a Film Roll, into my memories...... and then i remained silenced in my room for several hours. And feeling angry on me, that how cud i forget those happy moments which i've ever enjoyed. But Pari, i must say thankx to u, just bcuz of u, i opened it, posted some personnel blogs from it, dedicated to u. Any ways. Hope u've read them all, So i close my msg, here, and will contact u again. untill next take good care and have fun.

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