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Sweet Mehru

How to Do Warm Up Exercises

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How many times have the trainers advised you to do a proper warm up? While there are some who just tend to skip the warm up and start with the workout... Warm up is an important part of a workout session, which one should never skip. Basically, if you just jump into your aerobics class because you are running late and start doing aerobics without doing a warm up; chances are you will have muscle pain for the next few days. What more? Skipping a warm up can also end you up in a hospital, as you can injure yourself due to the lack of warm up. Conclusion - warm up is an important part of the workout, which should not be skipped. To make your warm up effective remember these basics of warm up. Also, mentioned further down are tips on how to do warm up exercises prior to particular workouts.

Basics of Warm Up

Here are 8 basics of warm up which will help you do a proper warm up session. Make sure you remember these basics and incorporate them within your exercise regime.

  1. Always start with a warm up which suits your workout.
  2. A warm up should be gradually started, and then one should increase its intensity.
  3. One should never skip a warm up.
  4. The warm up period should be minimum 7 minutes.
  5. A warm up can last for upto 25 minutes.
  6. You can do one exercise to warm up, or combine a few exercises in it.
  7. Always time your warm up.
  8. Warm up exercises can also be used to cool down.

Warming Up Techniques and Exercises
Here are three examples of warm ups. Remembering these techniques and warm up exercises will help you prepare your body before the workout.

Mild Jogging
Thinking, how to do warm up exercises for running? Just do mild jogging. You can do mild jogging in the same place, or do rounds in a circle or around your house. Again remember to gradually increase your intensity when jogging too. So, for one minute keep walking at a normal pace, then for further 3 minutes walk at a medium pace, then for the next 5 minutes mildly jog. While jogging or walking, swing your arms and torso to an appropriate pace too. This will make the blood reach all the body parts, and prepare the body for the workout. If your workout is going to be very intense or long session of running, then some stretching should also be involved. You can perform this warm up exercise prior to most workouts like running, bicycling, stepping, etc.


Stretching can be a total warm up workout in itself, or can be a part of warm up routine as mentioned above. However, one needs to stretch appropriately. For example, if your workout involves more use of the upper body, then make sure you stretch it well. Also perform some mild stretches for other body parts. Every stretch should be done thrice and held for a slow count of 30 seconds. This will get your joints and muscles ready for the workouts.

Mimicking Motion

This is a simple and effective workout. If you are confused about the type of warm up you should do before a physical activity, then simply mimic the motions of the physical activity you are going to perform. However, mimicking should be done at a very slow pace and then slowly the pace should be increased. For example, if you are going to participate in a sport which involves throwing a ball, then mimic the motion of throwing a ball. Again not to forget keep the warm up workout for at least 7 minutes.

This was all about how to do warm up exercises. A golden rule to remember while warming up is that you should start sweating mildly, when you are doing or done with your warm up. This will indicate that the body is warmed up now and ready for the main workout.

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