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Desecration Of Allah and Islam

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Desecration Of Allah and Islam

Today I have watched a video that has shaken me to the core, it has my soul in turmoil and in agony at what I in person can do to stop this. The problem is no one on their own can do so. This has to be tackled by us all. Please watch the video first.

If the video does not work, please click here.

This is shocking and tragic such things are being sold in our bazars and peopel who are fond of these abstarct designs buy these things happily without taking notice that they actually desecrate our religion and defile the basic tenets of Islam that has been the saviour of billions of people.

Now the question is what we can do.

Firstly, we have to be conscientious that Islam is our religion and we are the followers. Being followers of Islam requires us to know what is right or wrong and what we can do to stay the followers and the believers in the eyes of Allah. Since how He looks upon us is what matters most. Now-a-days we indulge in too many sham things only for the sake of the 'people' and the 'world'. Remember it is not the "world" and the "people" who will give us 'Ajr' (the reward) for being a good Muslim. It is Allah who will do so.

Secondly, we can simply stop thinking that if we will do something real religious, people will say that we are trying to be 'maulvi' (prayer leader/ religious leader) or that we are 'putting on this show' to be wali (Allah's friend). If we think for a while it will dawn on us that all this thinking is actually the result of our week faith. Again we must be doing these things for the will of Allah and to gain His happiness and belssings.

Thirdly, we must go through all such things at our homes to see if they contain any image that actually purport and prove that we are not Muslims. And if we do find things like this we must stop using them. If we cannot buy something to replace it we should not. Just wait for the time when there is enough money earned and saved and then go and fulfil our 'craving' or 'taste'.

Fourthly - last but not the least: we must jump to our feet and spring into action and jump-start to spread the word all over the web and by word of mouth to our near and dear ones. Please do not forget to let know those who we 'just follow' on social media platforms. For example if someone else has shared it in the main stream on Facebook or Google or Twitter which you follow please do not think that it is done. No it is NOT done. You have not done your part. Please do not think for one moment about someone that they might have learned about it anyway or what somebody else will think about you doing 'all this stuff'. We are not here to prove anything to others. We HAVE swore allegiance to Allah and we are here to prove to Him that we are His and we are on His side and we are craving for His happiness.


  1. uroosa123's Avatar
    very nice n thought provoking msg......................
  2. -UNKNOWN-PERSON-'s Avatar
    nauzobiLLAH ... yeh loog waqai buhut ghatyaan sazeshen kar rahy hian ..
    or sub sy zeyada afsoos ka muqaam yeh kay aaj kal kay loog inbatoon sy jitna ho saky door rehna chahty hian ..ankhoon dykhe makki wali misal hay
    or yeh buhut ki baat hay kay yeh loog jitna hamain zaleel sajmajh rahy hian hum utna he un ki abdhi taqleeed main pagal huy chaly jaa rahye hain ..

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