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An Honest Person (Yes, In Today's Pakistan)

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I have been forced to return to writing after reading the news of an exemplary police man from Mengora, Sawat who has displayed astonishing example of honesty by returning a colossal amount of Rs 5.5 million. Such an honesty in this day and age and especially in Pakistan where our corrupt politicians have broken record after record of most debasing corruption playing around with the money that was not theirs.

Today in Pakistan there is a huge and blinding race of who earns more, without any thought of how he does. In today's Pakistani society we believe that the people who have not plundered or looted are actually those who, by a stroke of good luck, have not had a chance to do so. Everybody else has had their share of corrupt and dishonest earnings.

Ayaz Khan who is a police constable in Mingora found the huge amount lying by the road on his way home. He initially took the money home and began looking for the owner. In the meanwhile he heard the announcement on the loud speaker (of the local mosque, I believe) about someone saying that he had lost his money. After ensuring that the claimant was the rightful owner of his 'discovery' he returned home, brought the money back and handed over to whom it belonged. At this he was offered a prize money of Rs. 500,000 but he refused. Though I believe that taking the prize money would not hurt the standards of decency and morality yet his refusing has exalted him above the rest of all of us.

We live in a society where looting and plundering is the way of life. People who do some mischief of a devilish standard gloat over their 'cleverness' and cunning. They recount their stories like they have done a marvellous deed and they deserve some Nobel prize for getting away with it.

But this man has upturned this notion and told the world and his own people that we can be as honest as our religion asks us to be and as our Islamic traditions demand. He has demonstrated the strength of character that is, for sure, hard to find these days among the people of his country. Ayaz Khan has proved that there are people of good character amongst us as well.

Ayaz Khan has not forgotten the lesson taught to him by his parents and his teachers. He, for certain, is held in high esteem by Allah and His beloved Prophet (sallallaah-o alaih-e wa aalihee wasahbihee wasallam). Salam to his parents who have raised such a human being with a heart of gold and the soul of a saint.

May Allah give us all 'hidaya' (wisdom to do good) and instead of boasting of our ingrained evils we feel proud in following him. He is indeed a great human being. May Allah bless him with the best of both the worlds.

Here is a post (Unique Pakistan) that will shed more light on our character as a nation and also highlight some of the acts performed by honest Pakistanis like Ayaz Khan.


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    i salute him he realy honestfull police man

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