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pray 4 me

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salamzz every1

god......i dun wanna go to my doctor's appointment....i have to in an hour or two...lolzzz

it's so boring and scary to go to the doc's..

u noe wat happened last wednesday? u don't cuz i didn't tell u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolzzz...
well, i'll tell u. i had a doc's appointment. i didn't noe that she was gonna do a blood test on me...but she did. she took lyke 4 bottles of blood...n u noe wat, i looked at the filled bottles n i threw up.... i was in such a bad state u noe...
that's y im scared to go to the doctor's 2daii....

well, pray for me frendz.....

god bless me n u...lolzz

laterzzz for now...

take care
buh byeeeeeeeeee


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