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Girls Arrested for stealing car in lahore

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LAHORE: The police have arrested two girls who hitched a ride with a boy and then robbed him off his vehicle. The arrests were made in Faisal Town police precinct on Monday and the police also seized the stolen car.

The police got on the case when Ali Naqvi, a car owner, lodged a complaint with the Faisal Town police against two unidentified girls namely Neha and Sania who robbed his car on January 14.

Ali told Daily Times that the girls asked him for a lift at Fortress Stadium at about 10:00pm on January 13 and asked him to drop them close to Faisal Town. “They told me their names were Neha and Sania. The girls kept insisting me to drive around and later asked me to take them to Defence where they had to buy a CD. Sania got out of the car to buy the CD and left her cell phone on the dashboard. I took her cell phone and dialled my number so that I could have her number.”

Ali said the girls asked him to buy them food. He said he was about to buy them food from Defence when they suggested he drive them out of Defence.

He said he decided to drive them to a burger joint on Link Road in Model Town. “I drove into the burger joint’s parking lot and got off to buy them food. They asked me to keep the engine running, as they wanted to listen to music. I returned after a few minutes and my car had vanished, along with the girls. I immediately informed the police, who arrived after 15 minutes. The police noted down my complaint and suggested I lodge a case at the Faisal Town police station.”

Muhammad Ishtiaq, in charge of investigations at the station, said the police looked into the case and got the record of one of the girl’s cell number. The police traced the location in Rawalpindi and arrested the two girls, who confessed to having stolen cars.

In Ali’s FIR their names are recorded as Neha and Sania, but their original names are Kiran and Shazia alias Mehwish, he said, adding that their families have refused to acknowledge them. He said the girls had changed their statement several times while in police custody. He said that initially the girls denied stealing the car, but later said they took revenge from Ali after he misbehaved with them. They finally confessed to their crime.

He said the girls were professionals and had robbed many people, especially the residents of upscale areas such as Liberty Market and Defence. He said the girls worked as a disciplined unit and had others involved in their gang.

He said the girls had also asked Ali if he had installed a car tracker in his vehicle. He said that because the tracker was not installed the girls managed to drive to Rawalpindi, where they left the car in a chop shop.

He said that when the police reached the workshop, they came to know that the car’s parts had been sold off. He said Kiran owned an apartment in Liaqatabad where she lived with her brother. He said the police got the brother to call Kiran to Lahore (from Rawalpindi). He said Mehwish was a resident of Sargodha and had run away from her house a couple of years ago and had started living with Kiran.


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