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shooting near ma skool

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salamz frendz

todaii was a realli exciting day for me. right beside my skool is another business skool. at around 11 o clock todaii (am) someone shot another guy in the business skool. so thats y our skool was on lockdown mode. which means that we weren't allowed to go out of out current class, even to the washroom or for water. we were to stay there until the principal let us go. so around 2:30, my skool's principal said that the police has allowed us to go home. the police was all over my skool. poora skool police ke saath fill howa tha. police ne kaha ke aap seedha ghar jao. ghar ke ilawa hum kisi jaga bhi nahin ja saktay the.

is shooting ki waja se hi aaj skool kaafi exciting raha. abhi bhi main blog likh rahi hoon na, to bahir police ki cars aur helicopters qaatil ko search kar rahe hain. abhi bhi hawa main 3-4 helicopters hain.

chalein phir. ab mera cousin online ho gaya hai. main us se baat karti hoon aur aap posts karein :D

bye byezz


  1. NoToRi0uS's Avatar
    oh is not it horrible ??
    how were u feeling when u came to know that some one has been shooted near u ??
    by the way be carefull kaheen police tum ko na paker le
  2. baby_princess33's Avatar
    lolz notorious thnx a lot

    it WAS kinda scary knowing that someone was murdered like a block from my skool......
  3. *BlessinG*'s Avatar
    mei hoti to cheekhein marti heehee :D
    princi careful raha kero
    aise jagaon per

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