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    1. An area of our friendly community where you can greet new comers, wish existing members, or do any important announcement.

      25,095 Threads
      188,336 Posts
    2. All the Competitions and polls of the Friends Korner Forum go here.

      1,517 Threads
      21,850 Posts
    1. Islam is the core reason for our unity, therefore in this section you can share text referring to Quran and Hadiths. And can also participate in on-going topics in order to pass down your point of view.

      9,747 Threads
      110,591 Posts
    1. Heart of friendskorner. A relaxing place with healthy environment where you can chit chat with members in reference to daily life issues.


      1. FK Members Interviews
      6,175 Threads
      358,205 Posts

      Auto insurance

      2 Days Ago by Britten

    2. Have you ever fallen in love? Share your viewpoint about love and even ask for suggestions. NO POETRY

      3,313 Threads
      51,410 Posts

      Cool Tip for Men

      11-20-2019 by murlynd

    3. "A day without laughter is a day wasted". Considering this quote we are here to bring smile, joy and laughter on your faces. welcome here! read and share jokes.

      15,073 Threads
      139,697 Posts

      Thumbs up Health Oficer

      1 Week Ago by FarryS

    4. A place to share or ask for different types of mouth watering recipes.

      11,604 Threads
      63,857 Posts

      Cool Masala Omelette

      12-11-2019 by LondoXXX

    5. Either play or share, all upto You.


      1. Arcade Korner
      5,742 Threads
      1,176,854 Posts

      Online gambling

      1 Day Ago by Evvyss

    6. A fun place, yet relaxing and full of entertainment. Come and share pictures of nature, beauty, architecture, cartoons and much more. And get rejoiced by our members' participation.

      12,781 Threads
      142,884 Posts
    1. Pakistani and Indian Drama Serials,episodes and videos.

      73,801 Threads
      116,716 Posts
    2. Pakistani and Indian Video Recipes, Indo Pak Cousine.

      748 Threads
      1,697 Posts
    3. 88,018 Threads
      542,245 Posts
    1. Share or read urdu poetries of famous poets.

      32,841 Threads
      270,966 Posts
    2. 1,888 Threads
      12,020 Posts


      10-23-2019 by intelligent086

    3. We appreciate poets to come and share their own written poetry. You can also give comments on other members' compositions.

      5,574 Threads
      74,329 Posts


      11-18-2019 by Saba

    4. Read and share English poetries, verse, songs, short stories, or ballads either written by you or any other writer. Your opinion is appreciated.

      8,065 Threads
      61,579 Posts

      Post [General] The Difference Between a CV...

      1 Week Ago by FarryS

    5. A platform which gives talented people an opportunity to share their expertise in the field of poetry image designing and Urdu Designing.

      6,204 Threads
      85,299 Posts

      [Animated Ghazal] Aah by Mirza Galib.

      05-14-2018 by khurramzulfiqar

    1. Transform your thoughts into words. Here, you can share and read members' own written compositions in urdu language.


      1. FK Writers Club
      2,029 Threads
      25,572 Posts
    2. A section dedicated to Urdu Adab where you can share work of famous urdu writers which includes: 'Afsanay', 'Kahaniyan', and 'mazameen'.

      3,440 Threads
      26,478 Posts
    3. A section dedicated to Urdu Books, and Novels. You can share & download PDF Urdu Novels, Jasoosi, Suspense, thriller, mazahya, and any kind of Urdu Books here.

      4,120 Threads
      43,184 Posts

      Smile Novel Novels Request

      02-26-2019 by Luka

    1. A Place to express your patriotism. Share and read general information, history of Pakistan, Famous personalities, Newpaper, and much more.


      1. Pakistani Videos
      1,457 Threads
      16,567 Posts
    1. Share and read material related to Health and Beauty and self-grooming. And even ask for suggestions.

      2,815 Threads
      12,381 Posts

      [Health Tips] Top 10 Super Foods

      16 Hours Ago by FarryS

    2. Home decoration is just a click away. We have a perfect place for all those people who are interested in interior designing. Here, we have dozen of great ideas in order to make your house a dream home. Furthermore, it also provide good insights and facts regarding household tips. You can even share your valuable opinions.

      9,259 Threads
      75,285 Posts
    3. A place to discuss about contemporary fashion.

      14,877 Threads
      137,273 Posts
    4. Read and share interesting news and gossips about showbiz stars.

      6,427 Threads
      47,060 Posts
    1. Interested in sports? This is a perfect place for you where you can read articles regarding latest sports news. Plus live streaming links for games.

      4,383 Threads
      15,997 Posts
    2. All about the Rides show us what u roll on, discuss the latest wheels on the street and find out how to get the most out of your ride get the best recommendations find solutions for mechanical issues.

      849 Threads
      5,588 Posts
    1. Get information and share material related to latest and advance technolgies in IT world.

      1,258 Threads
      5,692 Posts

      Tiktok success

      1 Week Ago by FarryS

    2. Student Korner is for students to exchange study material and assist each other in studies.

      559 Threads
      3,397 Posts
    1. 1,842 Threads
      9,776 Posts

      Need a tripod

      1 Week Ago by FarryS

    1. Suggest anything you want to see on this forum.

      249 Threads
      1,553 Posts
    2. Help Help Help .. We're here ..

      1,457 Threads
      7,289 Posts

      [Help] Special software stoping...

      04-09-2019 by FarryS

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