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Poetry Korner


  1. Share or read urdu poetries of famous poets.

    32,841 Threads
    270,966 Posts
  2. Share Audio Poetry here.

    236 Threads
    911 Posts
  3. Great Poets & Their Poetry where we can see a great collection of our Famous and All time favourite Poets of Urdu Language.

    2,186 Threads
    16,758 Posts
  4. All local language Shairi.

    1,888 Threads
    12,020 Posts


    10-23-2019 by intelligent086

  5. Pushto Poetry

    87 Threads
    308 Posts
  6. Mazahiya Shairi

    174 Threads
    802 Posts

    میری محبت

    06-25-2015 by engr58

  7. Saraiki Shayri

    65 Threads
    211 Posts
  8. Share Punjabi Shairi here.

    1,408 Threads
    9,403 Posts


    10-23-2019 by intelligent086

  9. We appreciate poets to come and share their own written poetry. You can also give comments on other members' compositions.

    5,574 Threads
    74,329 Posts


    11-18-2019 by Saba

  10. Share Your Poetry in Your Own Voice. Only Audio Poetry

    28 Threads
    339 Posts
  11. 1,602 Threads
    26,671 Posts


    11-18-2019 by Saba

  12. Read and share English poetries, verse, songs, short stories, or ballads either written by you or any other writer. Your opinion is appreciated.

    8,065 Threads
    61,579 Posts

    Post [General] The Difference Between a CV...

    2 Weeks Ago by FarryS

  13. Share your "OWN"Engish Poetry here.


    1. FK English Poet Club
    311 Threads
    2,113 Posts
  14. Share your favourite comics or your own created. Make a laugh or lovely feeling in others heart. Describe with picture having annotations.

    62 Threads
    418 Posts
  15. A platform which gives talented people an opportunity to share their expertise in the field of poetry image designing and Urdu Designing.

    6,204 Threads
    85,299 Posts

    [Animated Ghazal] Aah by Mirza Galib.

    05-14-2018 by khurramzulfiqar

  16. 1,555 Threads
    21,419 Posts
  17. Designing Resources, like Frames, Fonts, Gradients, Brushes and Other Graphic Resources

    264 Threads
    2,905 Posts

    [Tutorial] Floral Text in Photoshop

    06-03-2015 by - Anna -

  18. A place where Friends Korner Designers show their ability of creations through Greeting cards

    158 Threads
    1,782 Posts

    Parents !!

    08-17-2015 by nizamuddeen

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