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Immune diet for cancer and aids treatment !!!! Many have healed with it!!!

  1. iTech
    The diet that saved the world! Cure and preventativefor cancer aids and any disease currently out there.

    Immune diet

    ALL foods and liquids MUST be cooked on low heat and for only as long as it takes to make them softened

    No Gluten (such as in wheat Rye Oats etc).

    No seeds or nuts.

    No Blue Berries, Broccoli, bananas or spinach.

    NO DAIRY NO MEAT OF ANY KIND...make sure there are no animal products in the foods either... BTW this diet is not an option and you can't "dick around" it has to be all or nothing basically for at least three months.

    LOTS of beans and lentils and greens.

    Lots of soya and brown rice MUST be organic.

    In fact everything has to be but Non organically produced Soya is almost poisonous.
  2. iTech
    continued ....Breakfast Everyday starts with two cups of hot water with lemon and honey to taste... then after 30 minutes stewed fruit followed by Organic brown rice with a teaspoon of cinnamon maple syrup and honey. Cinnamon should be also added as many times a day as possible at least 3 tsps., per David Soulcatcher on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 11:18pm
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