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Firstly: Parts of Speech

  1. BDunc
    The basic parts of speech are:

    Noun: Naming word-person place or thing

    Verb: Action word- play, run, jump, etc

    Adjective: Describing word-describes the noun- Tall man

    Others parts of speech are:

    Adverb: Describes the verb- ran fast.... talked loudly

    Proper Nouns: Specific person place or thing- Sally, Bilbao, or Chocolate

    Common Nouns: General nouns- boy, toy, or candy

    Pronouns: He, she, we, it, they, us, etc

    Anything unclear...ask out
  2. BDunc
    More parts of speech...

    Prepositions: over, under, into, above, beyond, etc-comes at the end of a sentence or beginning

    Interjections: Wow! Look out! etc-exclamations

    Conjunctions: and, or, because, but, etc.-combining words
  3. Ammy_769
    Some people say "articles" are also one part of speech, what do you say about them?
  4. BDunc
    Yes there are----definite and indefinite articles

    Articles-kind of adjective that gives info about a noun--

    Definite- the---I sat on the mat

    Indefinite- a or an---I have a pen--An orange

    Very good point out Ammy..anything else comes up...ask out
  5. BDunc
    Verbs: past or present and future

    Present: is doing, is running, is walking, is sitting, is talking

    Past: did, ran, walked, sat, talked

    Note: All verbs in the past tense may be written differently

    Future: will do, will run, will walk, shall sit, shall talk

    Note: Future tense uses shall and will
  6. Ammy_769
    Clear my little understanding regarding these definite and indefinite articles. I am little confused on this. Hope you don't mind this. I am dull learner.
  7. BDunc
    No must be just a hard thing to process...and it is not used that often in ...that's the case..haha..ok..

    Definite articles are used to specifically point out something---The key...the door...the mat

    Indefinite articles point out a single noun ---a pet---an apple


    An is used with a word starting with a vowel sound---an apple---an umbrella

    A is used with a word starting with consonant sound---a pen---a rope---a lamp

    Where can I help u specifically Ammy?
  8. Ammy_769
    Got it, I was confused in which situation to be particularly use "the" and "a, an" case, which you cleared by explaining with definition. Thanks a lot!
  9. BDunc
    Ok Masha Allah...v good..I hope this helps u and others out..if not..ask my knowledge..I will explain..Bi idhnillah!
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