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Lesson of Contractions!

  1. BDunc
    Contractions are two words merged together with apostrophe.

    Is not= isn't

    Could not=couldn't

    Was not=wasn't

    Will not=won't

    Has not=hasn't

    Have not=hasn't

    Were not=weren't

    I will=I'll

    She will=she'll

    He will=he'll

    There are more...I will mention them as needed
  2. BDunc
    Did not=didn't

    Are not=aren't

    Do not=don't

    Shall not=shan't

    We will=we'll

    Should not=shouldn't
  3. BDunc
    Let us=Let's

    We are= we're

    I have=I've

    We have=we've

    She would=she'd

    He would=he'd
  4. Ammy_769
    Out of bound question but since you seems to me more practical life person, can you tell being a professional accountant and business student, do you recommend using contractions in exams answers and also in formal letters. As far as I see US based businesses in this, they don't think it as of much bad thing and accept contraction on other hand, UK sophisticated civilized people consider using contractions more like as slang.
    What do you say? Guide me in this regard as well.
  5. BDunc
    Not a problem is preferred to use the whole word in professional cases...but if it's ok..but yes in professional cases it is not recommended to use contractions top much..and yes in US it isn't considered bad..just a bit informal...but no is allowed Overall, no harm in using contractions...but try using wholes more Does that help?
  6. Ammy_769
    What about in writing formal letters and exams? Talking does not matter and mostly considered as informal unless in meetings. So what do you say about in writing perspective?
  7. BDunc
    It is okay for usage
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