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  1. iTech


    You truly can be happy, peaceful, and excited about matter what is happening in the world around you! but only if you discover your true self,and gain a sense of purpose you have in your life..

    Two things all we need...

    1: need to know ourselves
    2: need to grow ourselves

    but first you must learn how to take control of your thoughts and beliefs, and then you can make the changes you want.

  2. iTech
    Most of us learn to look outside ourselves for direction. We believe what other people told us we should be and do. Even by holding our own beliefs in our subconscious they don’t reflect the uniqueness of who we really are.

    Once you know a real You,your inner journey starts where u will find yourself naturally empowered to make the changes that can transform your life. You will be able to handle whatever life has to offer you with high awareness.
  3. Noriya
    well said......I totaly agree with ur point of view....but it is difficult to know we can know ourself....???
  4. (Smiling Moon)
    (Smiling Moon)
    I also agree wid ur point ...n i wana know myself too....but the same question.....HOW???????????
  5. Noriya
    heloooooooooo techno! kuch self awareness ki technics.... mera matlab he kuch tips batayey na..........
  6. iTech
    @ noriya and chanda...

    1: Be yourself / dont copy others
    2: listen to your heart
    3: speak of you mind
    4: know pros and cons of everything,(act and decision.)
    5: Be realistic
    6:Don't blindly follow others

    These are all above my personal perceptions which I believe would work IA for self awareness..
  7. laiqa
    insaan ki zaat bahot gehri he ,men to sometimes confuse ho jaati hun ,khud men jhank ker .
  8. ~*~Breez~*~
    some people just change their moods can't judge to judge the such kinds of personalities?????
  9. smarty cat
    smarty cat
    Very True! Agreed wd each wrd n sentence

    bt sm tyms this process takes whole life tym...

    bt the procedure n spent tym s very charming n enjoyable even wd hurdles nd pricking difficulties.
  10. iTech
    @laiqa ..... ji han per ye to hum apni khud ki bat ker rahay hain ... what you know all bout yourself .. :-)

    @Silent Breeze .... yea ,you can not say anything about others ,but we are talking about self awareness .. that is more important then knowing others.. :-)

    @ Arzu.....yes its a long term process to know yourself but once you know it you can improve it if it is lacking of something :-)
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