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who r u?

  1. unbounded
    plz answer me....!

    1. who r u?
    2. what u want to be?
    3. Are you going in right direction?
    4. if you get some money, how you utilize it?

    speak with yourself, and write the answer.

    i'm waiting

    check out URL given in my signature
  2. smarty cat
    smarty cat
    there is no any link or URL in ur signature....infect ur signature is invisible
  3. minal malik
    minal malik
    (1) mai musalman
    (2) i want to be a good person.
    (3) yes
    (4) mai gareeb logo pr kharch kroo gee
  4. rabiya randhawa
    rabiya randhawa
    1- Muslim
    2- Wanna b according 2 da wishz f my parnys
    3- Yes! ALHAMDULLILLAH :-)
    4- mmm.. dpndz upon da situation...
  5. pinky_way
    1 a muslim2-a momin having kamil eman3-m trying to4-it depends...
  6. sylent believer
    sylent believer
    1)1st human thn Muslim thn shia thn student.
    2) bec0me a Engineer.
    4)ac0rding 2 time need nd teching 0v Islam.
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