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who say islam is latest religion

  1. sahin
    you must correct this.islam is not the latest religion but oldest religion.
  2. iTech
    Ooh really ? have you ever witnessed any other religion after Islam ? then please let me
    know i will make correction. Islam is the last upgraded version of all religion i believe.
    correct me if I am wrong.
  3. cute smile*
    cute smile*
    ya its d last word
    Islam is the only last one religion
  4. Atif Rasheed
    Atif Rasheed
    Islam is the old religion but not the oldest...Latest in such a way that it can be applicable in every era from the day of PROPHET ( S.A.W.S) up to the day of judgment...
  5. binish_siddiqui
    islam is d most updated religion in d whole world. 2dy v r livin in an era of science. 80% of Quranic ayah hv been proved 2 b 100% true by d latest researchs of sciece. a very simple example is d revolving of earth around sun and many of d heath cares told by our modern researches hv been told by our beloved Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W).
  6. veracious_007
    i think the topic should be renamed to "ISLAM : The Oldest yet Most Updated/Up-to-date Religion"
    Well all of u r missing something... startin from Hazrat Adam (AS) till the era before Prophecy was bestowed upon our Beloved Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW), there were a no of different religions in the world. What do u think Adam (AS) was non-muslim (NAO-ZU-BILLA). to understand this thing u must first look into basics of What Is Islam..
    a. Believe in Oneness of Allah Subhana Wa Taála (AHAD) and believe that only HE is to be worshiped.
    b. Believe in Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) being the last prophet and the Head Master (Principal) of all the Masters (Paighambars/ Nabis)
    c. Rest of the teachings of Islam (not so difficult to understand: yet following the teachings seems to be too difficult for hypocrites like us)
  7. veracious_007

    now wat do u think..... Adam (AS) went against any of the teachings of Islam.... Well all the Messengers of Allah believed in comming of a Sardar of all Paighambars. and all Nabi's were MASOOM. so not every INSAN (Human Being) of Pre-Islamisation, is infact (if following a,b,c mentioned above) on the right path....
    So finally Islam's teachings are there even before the advent of Islam..... because every WAHI was/is from Allah Subhana-wa-Taála so all beings before Islam were infact muslims (if following the teachings of the Rasool/ Nabi of that era).

    Well dats what i understand.... If i'm wrong/ anyone has some more comments i wud appreciae
  8. iTech
    @binish... you are rite 80 % have been proven 100% true ...
    @varacious....i do agree with you , the teaching of Islam started from Hazrat Adam AS but its never been called 'Islam' , it was Judaism or Christianity or some thing else... And many rules and teaching were not the part of the religion in earlier times before Islam... some amendments were made by Allah in Holy Quran , new rules and laws added later in our teachings....thats way I called it Latest and upgraded version of all religion.. Latest means the Last though it was sent more then 1400 years ago but still the last and upgraded....
    correct me if I am wrong.
  9. HonestMan
    Your icon photo is like a woman's. Your fringe is dyed blonde while the rest are dark brown. With this kind of looks being displayed, I do not feel discussing Islam with likes of you. It would be a joke. Looking at your photo you look like a Pakistani-Zankha.
    Please change and we can discuss Islam and various issues related to it.
    Do not take it as a personal slur, it is the truth and some one has to point it out, however bitter it might taste.
    I look forward to a positive response from your side.
  10. iTech
    HonestMan.................... I like your straightforwardness and honesty ... lol

    I dont know what u are talking about Pakistani-Zanka, dont know what it is.Sir, I always have a problem with the people like you who want others to see a perfect muslim if they wanna discuss anything about Islam , that is quite frustrating .... its not a joke ...I know what I am saying I mean it ,and I do respect Islam with all my heart and soul even look at my signature that says I wanna die with Eman e kamil....InshaAllah
    How do you expect anyone around you a perfect muslim ? well we should try harded,and Alhamdullah I am muslim ,and I do practice as much as I can.... give me a space ,don not suffocate others by setting ur rules on em ,or stop avoiding dicussion on the basis of their look may be they are better then us.

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