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How good are you in time management skills? Check it out :)

  1. iTech

    Time management is simply doing much work in limited time, some of us use to do more then one or two different work together.
    well I usually find myself multi tasking environment to save my time and to prevent from rushing in last minute.Still I need more improvement.
    Time management helps you in organizing yourself and maximizing your efficiency that for sure lead to success..

    Do you have time management skills?
    There are only 31 questions to answer ,answer them and share you score here.


  2. the ladybird
    the ladybird
    its really good nd productive i really enjoyed this test...
  3. umed_e_sahar
    nice one.........
    I enjoyed.........
  4. farrukh_ahmad2010
    it is a good test but it seems that it is designed by keeping in mind a formal, time n rules bounded working environment, which is unfortunately missing in almost 90% organisations in Pakistan.
  5. farrukh_ahmad2010
    In Pakistan most of the organisations work informally, due to which employees have to mold their priorities
  6. iTech
    @ farrukh ......but once you learn how to mange your time you will be more successful in your life ,you will be doing something extraordinary.. forget about Pakistan and their organization they just sucks ..
    you should make a difference and other will follow you ...

    @ all ... thanks all who liked /enjoyed it :-)
  7. smarty cat
    smarty cat


    According to your results, you work with some efficiency, but still haven’t reached the optimum level of productivity. In other words, there are some occasions when you may end up having to rush to get things done at the last minute. Although you may incorporate some time-saving techniques into your life, it would be to your advantage to add to your repertoire. There are strategies that can be very helpful on days when you have a many things to get done. Keep in mind that time is a precious commodity – if you don’t use it constructively, you’ll end up running out of it.
  8. smarty cat
    smarty cat
    O Tht ws Gr8......Enjoyed

    yeah I mostly love to do more than 1..... wrk at a time bt...

    I smmtyms fail to manage bt only smtime nt often.........

    normally I m good at managing all this even on deadline
  9. iTech
    when you dont reach to your optimum level of productivity then you are lacking or strategy /method to get work done ...very well said...
    and yes everyone can fail in time management skill sometimes coz as we dont feel energetic or enthusiast to work , well to boost up from there take a instant vacation of humor.
  10. pinky_way
    nice test but i almost failed:-(
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