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who say islam is latest religion

  1. iTech
    As long as my avatar/icon is concern i know any kind of image of human is not allowed plz don be so specific on its hair colors , well I like your avatar ... keep it up ... and pray for me Allah give ma hidayat and i could be a perfect Momin... AMEEN
    Second, I am sorry for a message I left at your VM... I was just kidding.. u dont need to join my any group... but i will surely be reading your blogs at SKBRD soon InshaALlah .. keep up your good work ...
    Allah bless you ..
    Take Care
  2. HonestMan
    Baita, salaam
    I do not mean to hurt or be too demanding. How could I, I am not a perfect person myself, and have no right to me too demanding on others, but there is one consolation that I feel I am trying to follow the way of the Prophet pbuh as explained and lived by his companions. Some times I fail to meet the standards. I do say things occassionally out of sheer frustration which sometimes could be be misunderstood and the real intention behind them is lost. Indeed there is no compulsion in Islam. You can have any penname and any avatar, but it is our duty as muslims to point out serious mistakes to eachother, and then go no more after that. You enjoy baita as it pleases you and I have no more comments. Allah is the untimate Guide. May He bless us all.
  3. iamamuslim

    Please correct the name of group. Islam is not a new religion. It is since man set foor on earth

    This video will clear your concept

    Islam is not a new religion ! By Dr Zakir Naik
    Listen specially after 55 seconds

  4. iTech
    Zakir Naik is my fav i have seen this video already ,but if you read my reply on page 1 'reply to varacious' then u would have a better concept what I said ,please go back to see my reply there and let me know if u still not agree with it.
  5. BDunc
    Absolutely ji...
  6. BDunc
    Islam is the best religion...and it is coming on from the past
  7. jojokhan1
    Bhai jb ap iphone 3g use karahe te r pis iphone 4 aagya to ap nay 3g he use kartay rahe ya ip4 purchase kiya to
    bahi isee tarha Islam sab religion k bad aaaya he to ye sab say letust he to sab ko chaheye k is ko apna rehen sahan bana layn bas issse me ham sab ki kamyabi he rkoch
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