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Thread: Rules For Fashion In's & Out's Section

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    Rules For Fashion In's & Out's Section


    1- Each member is allowed to post Max Five threads per day, and threads exceeding the limit will be swapped away without prior warning.

    2- As required by the section you can share anything related to Fashion, but keeping in mind the family environment of the forum, share images that are appropriate in all means. vulgar and unethical images will be removed right away.

    3- Avoid hurting other users with your comments.

    4- No spamming in any of the topics;

    5- Stay on Post / Topic. This is a fashion korner so one is not just restricted to share images only, you can post discussions as well;

    6- Please avoid posting new topics in on-going old topics;

    7- Images with watermark and logo of other websites are not permitted.

    8- Hidden links also not allowed...

    P.S. Any more concerns contact Administration.

    Friends Korner administration.

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    Re: Rules For Fashion In's & Out's Section

    thanks Jiya..................................................

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