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Thread: Rules Of The Section

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    Rules Of The Section


    kesy hain sab INSHAALLAH teek honge

    I am going to put the rules of this section again
    Just bcoz the old thread has 3 separate replies from all the section moderators.
    So i jus want to put em all together to make it look better
    Otherwise there is absolutely nothing wrong with the old one's its just i am putting em together and adding some more points to it

    Several guidelines regarding posting in this section

    1. No congratulation, leaving, welcome back threads in this section, coz we have a separate section "Announcements" for such topics.

    2. All kinds of discussions can be posted here but, Please do not post forwarded emails or misleading messages for the members and No off the Topic replies in threads are allowed.Such posts/replies will be removed without any prior notice.

    3. Do not post admirable threads like quotes etc (this kinda stuff is to be posted in English Korner, Love Korner,SOS which is Shair-o-Shairi, (and if something in Urdu) goes to Urdu Adab Korner.

    4. We expect practical and wise posts/threads from our members. Hence, your post SHOULD BE SUCH THAT ALLOWS MEMBERS TO INDULGE IN HEALTHY/CONSTRUCTIVE DISCUSSIONS.

    Also, please keep in mind that ENTERTAINMENT threads on girls vs. guys, facts on girls/guys, questions that u want to ask (girls/guys) or any statements/sharing related to girls/guys will NOT BE ALLOWED! The threads will be immediately closed and removed!
    . So, please always take a look at ur thread before posting to make sure that it is alright.

    5. Do not stick with old threads, kindly let the old threads go and move ahead for new one's.

    In short,
    Do not post inapplicable and absurd posts or threads. For example, ANY THING THAT HAS TO DO WITH SONGS OR MOVIES either goes in the Audio,Showbiz Korner or in the Games korner, depending on the nature of the thread!!! Please, do not post such threads in this section.
    otherwise such posts will be removed.

    6. If you are having any kinda problem either with an individual or whoeva please contact either administrator or section moderator through PM's (private messages) only!

    7. While posting, make sure you are posting according to the forum rules and do not forget that some individuals has their families at this forum as well.So do not post something unacceptable! this includes, posting stuff like INAPPROPRIATE CLIPS FROM MOVIES AND SONGS, PICTURES/POSTERS OF MOVIE ACTORS OR ACTRESSES, or any such sharings!! please KEEP IT CLEAN!!

    8. Swearing and abusive words are not allowed, respecting individuals must be your priority!

    9. Avoid fights and do not discuss any conflicts here.Have respect for all the members around!

    10. Do not bump old threads, which means do not go back to the old threads and reply there.

    11. Refrain from posting "discourteous or disrespectful" images for the members around.This can hurt someone!

    12. Do not post game threads in this section, bcoz we have another separate section for such threads "games korner".
    (which a comment to the person above word threads.......n so on)

    13. One more thing! No more than one thread is allowed by a member in one day, i.e. only one thread is allowed by a member during a day(24 hours) the rest will be removed.

    14. Last but not least, these rules are applied to all of the friends korner forum members including "moderators and administrators".Period.

    Anymore concerns contact administration

    Your co-operation will be highly appreciated
    khush rahain sab

    !~! Warning !~!

    I gOt aTiTuDe AnD I KnOw WhEn AnD hOw To UsE iT

    !~! sO Be CaReFul !~!

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    Re: Rules Of The Section

    Assalam o Alaikum !

    Just a Reminder of Rules

    Specially Rule # 4 & 11

    Enjoy Posting ;)

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