Aslam o Alaikum

Rules To Follow While Posting in this section

  1. Don't use inappropriate language, material and images !
  2. Images with watermark and logo of other websites are not permitted !
  3. Don't repeatedly post "Thanks, Thanks for liking" in reply to viewers of your own thread.Once you have thanked , that should be enough !(in other words don't reply with "thanks " again & again in your own thread after every reply, give chance to all threads to be their at Ist Page)
  4. Spamming & Posting in old threads is strongly forbidden.
  5. No More than 3 New Threads by 1 user during a day!
  6. Posts without any images from now on will be recycled immediately.
    Solution to all:

    1- Please be kind enough to look back into your post to see everything is fine or not? If not fix it or the result i have told above.

    2- Kindly consider the question, Can i look at this image while i am sitting with my sister/mother in other words Family.

    3- Use common sense to post things in this section. If not will be resulted in Deletion of the thread.

    Any more concerns contact Administration