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Thread: Uraan by Umera Ahmad

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    Uraan by Umera Ahmad

    Uraan by Umera Ahmad

    A serial which comments on the various kinds of issues that a woman goes through in Urban Pakistan.Sana is an upcoming filmmaker who has just returned to Pakistan after studying for a degree at Oxford University. Her aim is to become one of Pakistan’s top documentary makers, and she soon starts becoming well known and awarded for her work in the field.

    Rabiya, although from a conservative family, is herself a very open-minded and unconventional person. An extremely talented PSFD graduate and upcoming fashion designer she soon becomes well-known in the Fashion Industry for her stunning bridal line.

    Aisha meanwhile is beautiful young girl who we first meet when she is brought to hospital in a critical condition after attempting suicide. Having recently been divorced by her husband, Aisha can’t come to terms with the fact that her marriage has ended.

    Uraan is the story of Sana, Rabiya and Ayesha, three educated Pakistani women and total strangers to each other. However, by a twist of fate, they eventually find themselves linked to each other in the most shocking way imaginable.A serial that not only deals with the issues of marriage, divorce and domestic violence but also recognizes the strength, talent and courage of the modern Pakistani woman.

    Cast: Aamna Shiekh, Zhalay Sarhadi, Saba Qamar, Humayun Saeed, Kamran Jilani, Shamim Hilali, Khalid Ahmed, Hina Khwaja Bayat.

    Writer: Umera Ahmed
    Director: Yasir Nawaz
    Produced by: Evernew Productions

    Fresh Timings: 20:00
    Day: Saturday
    Tittle song of Uraan

    Episode 1
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 3

    Episode 4
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 6

    Episode 7
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 7

    Episode 8
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 8

    Episode 9
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 9

    Episode 10
    Uraan Episode 10

    Episode 11
    Uraan by Umera Ahmad Episode 11

    Episode 12
    Uraan by GEO Entertainment Episode 12

    Episode 13
    Uraan Episode 13

    Episode 14
    Uraan Episode 14

    Episode 15
    Uraan Episode 15

    Episode 16
    Uraan Episode 16

    Episode 17 - Last
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    Re: Uraan by Umera Ahmad

    saraap4n nay acha mushwara diya hai; but that is long term whereas what the drama has shown is something completely diferent! Uraan shows how the educated and well aware urban women are suppressed and fooled by the educated and goodlooking men in society. It is not only education or shrewdness or even being clever a quality which can empower women but the immediate need of the of hour is to bring up young boys in a manner that they respect women around them especially their wives. Now the question arises, who can bring up men with this type of mentality. We have to air our views at various forums, meetings, seminars; write scripts for plays, poems, books and also launch widescale campaigns for this purpose. The target population should be the mothers of boys (boys conceived, boys from age 0 to age 20) and their education should particularly focus the training of boys in the matter of forming schemas about the feminine and the masculine roles and also how to deal with the opposite gender.

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    Re: Uraan by Umera Ahmad

    wahh wahh maza aa gya ye drama dekh kar. wellllllllllllllllllldone umera ahmed

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    Re: Uraan by Umera Ahmad

    Another great story by Umera Ahmed. She always writes just fabulous awesome stories, you enjoy watching every second of it. All the actors/actresses have done a great job. Very realistic story, Faraz aur us ki mother jaise characters hamari society mein hamaray aas paas bhikray paray hein, najanay kitni masoom larkian aise logon ka shikar hojati hein lakin aise logon ko koi nahi rokta. Agar har larki Sana, Sawera aur Ayesha ki tarha apne haq keliye awaz uthaye, laray tu shayad koi badlao asakay.

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