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Thread: Mastana Mahi by HUM TV

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    Mastana Mahi by HUM TV

    Mastana Mahi by HUM TV

    OST - Title Track

    The story revolves around Adil, a respectable landlord of Sindh and the son of a martyred politician, living in South Africa. He is interested in Aleen, but she is in love with Mike and wishes to marry him against her parents’ wishes. Adil abets her in escaping, and returns to Pakistan with a broken heart.
    He takes over his uncle’s seat in elections when the latter is killed in a blast, and his mother fixes his marriage with his uncle’s ten-year old daughter, Sakina. But fate takes him back to South Africa and brings him to another junction in his life. Will Adil be able to let go of his roots or will he be faced with yet another crossroad?

    Director: Roomi Insha
    Writer: Samira Fazal
    Producer: Momina Duraid
    Cast: Fahad Mustafa, Mehreen Raheel, Deepti Gupta, Saifee Hasan, Anita Camphor

    Starting from 26th May 2011
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    Re: Mastana Mahi by HUM TV

    hmm nyc ........................

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