A Soap Serial
Palki by HUM TV

‘Palki’ revolves around the household of Sheikh Mansoor comprising two families – his own and that of his friend and business partner, Haji Ramzan. When Haji Ramzan and his wife pass away in an accident, Shaikh Mansoor takes up the responsibility of his friend’s three children Barkat, Saif and Zehra. However Barkat’s business policies are too modern for Sheikh Mansoor, and the two families part ways. Meanwhile Sheikh Mansoor’s daughter,
Mehreen is interested in Saif and is unaware that Zehra is in love with her brother Rayan, who lives abroad. Mehreen pressurizes her family for their marriage, but Rayaan has secretly married his friend Romana. Her actions bring turmoil not only in the lives of Rayaan and Romana, but her own as well. To discover what fate has in store for them watch ‘Palki’.

Starting from 30th May