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Thread: comment of a True member of PTI on PTI website.

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    comment of a True member of PTI on PTI website.

    Link: Removed by admin..

    16/06/2011 7:15 PM

    Thanks for reasoning with me instead of deleting my comments on facebook or calling me "ignorant".

    Chairman of a political party needs to analyze the situation and act accordingly. This dharna from media was scheduled at least a week ago. Ideally, IK should've initiated dharna call on this journalist's death. He claims that it is issue based political party. His absence from this issue means that he has more sympathies for drone attack victims where the attacks are carried out by external sources but not the internal attacks by alleged internal sources. This was a missed opportunity that could've resulted in stronger ties with media and it sent across a wrong message.

    All people saw was Nawaz Sharif standing there and giving a speech and no PTI representation speaking up. It's perception. The world we live in runs on perceptions. What's done is done. Can't change it and can't bring it back. But at least acknowledge that it was a mistake and that we will try to avoid this in the future. If it is not such a big deal then you shouldn't even care what media is saying and take down banner and videos complaining about media.

    @ARSALAN. Ghumman,
    Does IK also mean that he doesn't need people who are sit-at-home fundraisers in other countries? Are you trying to tell me that people sitting outside the country and financially and morally supporting PTI on facebook pages of Analysts/channels are not allowed to criticize PTI policies? Seems like this "Secretary General" title at such a young age is getting to your head.

    PTI needs people who will say the right thing instead of just repeating PTI Zindabad or IK Zindabad over and over again. Your true supporters are people who will tell you when you do wrong or when there is a room for improvement.
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