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Thread: Why failure is not an option

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    Why failure is not an option

    Why failure is not an option - Ayaz Ahmad

    It is as if three-and-a-half years after the present government took over, the whole nation were resonating with calls of “no more.” Just a few years ago we had thought things could not be worse and now the problems of the previous decade pale in comparison under the hopelessly incompetent PPP government. In 2007 we had thought our debt burden is so huge that it is unsustainable. In these four years Pakistan’s public debt has doubled. There had been loud complaints about corruption, but compared to what we witness today, the financial scandals of the past appear to be amateurish.

    There is no denying that there had always been massive corruption in every sphere of government, with its tentacles extending deep into Pakistan society. But the scale of corruption today is horrifying. Meanwhile, the law and order situation could not be worse. Karachi, once a vibrant city, has begun to resemble Mogadishu. The amassed fortunes of the leadership, stashed away in banks around the world, has left this nation’s future bleaker than ever.

    So much has been written on what is wrong with Pakistan today and why we allowed things to reach this stage. However, the time has arrived for action now, because continued inaction on our part can only lead to the destruction of our society and our disappearance into oblivion. The educated classes of this country, especially the youth, will have to take upon themselves the responsibility for the prosperity and progress of Pakistan’s population, with special emphasis on the education and enlightenment of the Pakistani nation. This effort for progress is not about blinkered patriotism or one’s ethnic or religious identity. It is about being a part of the movement to change Pakistan so that the future of this nation can be secured from those preying on it today.

    The change will call for courage and commitment on the part of those who undertake that change, because this country’s transformation into the Pakistan of the future we have in mind can only be brought about through a shake-up of the current political setup through democratic means.

    The lawyers’ movement that followed Gen Pervez Musharraf’s illegal dismissal of scores of judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts in November 2007 had demonstrated that the nation, particularly its middle class, is yearning for change. The lawyers’ movement could not deliver what the nation expected of it because of our mainstream political parties’ lack of commitment to change, whatever their leaderships’ hypocritical rhetoric in this regard.

    Despite the absolute despair throughout the country today things do not have to remain as bad as they are. The alternatives are apparent. Either we can wait for a new political force that is able to end the status quo or we can use an existing political force. One clear alternative is a political party that is already emerging as a force against the status quo because its leader has the courage and the fierce resolve required.

    One hopeful aspect of the present situation is that the educated middle class has truly awakened to the need for its participation in the political process and to utilise the talents of its members for efforts to change the nation’s destiny. And there is a force available to facilitate the efforts. That force is the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf led by Imran Khan. For the record, I am not affiliated with the party in an official way.

    The PTI is not just another political party. It has outlined a 100-day plan that is on target and has established think tanks by involving educated Pakistanis, both inside the country and abroad, to work out details of its policies and election manifesto. Imran Khan has been overly criticised in the media for everything under the sun – from his personal life to any slight variation in his tone or his stance. But through it all, Imran remains the most fearless, the most honest, the most able personality on Pakistan’s political landscape today. Imran Khan is not perfect, but nor was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, or the leaders who did something for their respective nations. Imran Khan is the best we have at the moment, so either we work with him to bring about a change or keep waiting for the “ideal” leader.

    However, not even a well-meaning political party can bring about change unless there are voting reforms. Currently the Election Commission is undertaking a drive to register new voters, an exercise that is absolutely necessary given our outdated election rolls. The Supreme Court is trying its best to reduce the phenomenon of bogus votes, and we should support all its efforts to correct the skewed makeup of the voters’ list.

    The road to prosperity is long and filled with hurdles. Therefore, it is not certain whether even the PTI will get there, but the game is on and Imran Khan is actively in the field. The battle is to be fought on hostile ground. But everyone should be on notice. Imran Khan is still playing, and his determination is stronger than ever. At stake is Pakistan’s future. Therefore, failure is not an option.

    The writer is a freelance contributor.


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    Re: Why failure is not an option

    according to the ground reality there is no way of PTI's failure , incase fail to win election or less thn 70% vote get by PTI will be the unfair and failure of free election wich will leads bloodshed throughout Pakistan...

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