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Thread: Tonight with Jasmeen 24th November 2011


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    Tonight with Jasmeen 24th November 2011

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    Re: Tonight with Jasmeen 24th November 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by NoToRi0uS View Post
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    Mirza (Pakistan na Khuppay)with his newly found love for Pakistan, blaming and accusing MQM and Mr.Altaf Hussain for working on a plan to break Pakistan and he himself term his efforts are only to save Pakistan. It would be better if he equally ask U.K govt to handover Mir Suleiman Dawood who has openly declared Independent Balochistan along with Bramdagh Bugti, i am sure on his return from UK he will declare a war against those elements in Balochistan as well with a more patriotic spirit and will start living in Balochistan(Kalat)instead of lavish house in Karachi till this insurgency died down. Remember the insurgency in Balochistan is not secret it is open and declared struggle for breaking Pakistan
    otherwise "MIRZA NA KHUPPAY"

    The following are the excerpts from the interviews;

    On August 12, 2009, Khan of KalatMir Suleiman Dawooddeclared himself ruler of Balochistan and formally made announcement of a Council for Independent Balochistan. The Council's claimed domain includes "Baloch of Iran", as well as Pakistani Balochistan, but does not include Afghan Baloch regions,and the Council contains "all separatist leaders including Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti." He claims that "the UK had a moral responsibility to raise the issue of Balochistan’s illegal occupation at international level

    Bramdagh Bugti: I do not call the BLA [Baloch Liberation Army] and BRA [Baloch Republican Party] as my supporters. They are my brothers. I fully endorse all their operations. If they resort to extreme actions then they surely have suffered the same level of brutality by the Pakistani forces.
    We had formerly warned all the Balochs not to serve in the Pakistani security forces against the Baloch fighters. Likewise, the policemen in Naseerabad, despite being Balochs, were being disloyal to their mother land when they tried to operate against the very people who are struggling for their independence. However, every effort was made to spare the laborers and innocent people who were kidnapped.
    As far as the target killing of teachers is concerned, I do not understand why the Pakistani authorities and the media shout only when one Punjabi teacher or barber is killed. Why not a single word is uttered when Baloch towns after towns are bombarded by the Pakistani authorities? I have said it many times: target killings are a justified reaction of the Baloch against the policies of the Punjabi army.

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